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Valorant is a long-awaited first person shooter from Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends. The designers had set out to borrow classic, tried-and-true mechanics from CS: GO with bomb planting, take the idea of unique character skills from games such as Overwatch and Apex Legends. The fan base eagerly anticipated the result.

Turn a real profit from Valorant play

To new-generaton players the confines of a classic FPS can seem dull, so Riot Games added unique abilities to the usual weapons store mechanics. Besides teen gamers, Valorant appealed to many former or active cybersports players from similar games. Top players came to Valorant, bringing with them sponsor attention and tournaments with big prizes. Our site helps you profit from winners' success, if you know the abilities of old-time or new players well enough to guess who those winners will be.

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Valorant came out in June of 2020. It is a tactical shooter. Like its predecessor, from which it has inherited a number of mechanics, the game expects from players a certain dexterity and knowledge of intervals at which to check opponent positions. Players need to master their characters’ skills and be wise about buying weapons from the store, matching them to the chosen strategy.

Valorant was from the beginning conceived as a flagship cybersport vehicle. Tournaments were mandated from the get-go, and with tournaments there is betting, and LOOT.BET is the best place to bet on Valorant.




Where can I place real money bets on VALORANT?

There are plenty of sites that offer VALORANT betting with cash, and is one of them! We offer convenient live betting and fast withdrawals of winnings!

What types of bets can I choose for Valoran betting?

Outright bets - bets on the winner of one battle or the entire tournament. This is the most common type of betting. Pay attention to the absolute favorites within the tournament and in each match.Totals. Here you bet on statistics, whether the team will be able to do more/fewer kills.Handicap - whether the team manages to win by a margin of a couple of rounds or not. Or the forecast that the team will lose a certain number of rounds in the match.

Can I bet on Valorant from my mobile?

Yes, since most of Valorant bettors choose to bet from their mobile device, that option is available at

Are there any bonuses for Valorant betting?

Sure, we offer lots of bonuses, so you can bet on your favorite Valorant matches.