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  1. Booongo promotion "Grand Multiplier Race" runs from November 09, 2020 09:00 (UTC) to November 15 2020 21:00 (UTC)
  2. The minimum bet required to qualify is €0.50 / 50 RUB / $0.6 or player's currency equivalent.
  3. Only real money rounds are able to participate in tournament.
  4. In order to qualify and be eligible for prizes each player has to make at least 100 spins using qualifying bet.
  5. All scores collected during qualification will be saved for the player.
  6. Multiplier Race Players will get 1 Point for each х1 multiplier in win spin. Example: player made a 2 EUR spin total bet and won 120 EUR, player will get 120(win)/2(bet)= 60 multiplier - 60 points.
  7. Leaderboard is based on players who accumulated the most amount of points during tournament period.
  8. If two or more players are tied, those who get results earlier are the ones who get better prizes.
  9. The cash prizes will be credited to the players' accounts as withdrawable funds within 3 business days after the end of the promotion.
  10. Prize pool and minimum bet for this campaign are set up in EUR and might be subject to currency conversion fluctuations.
  11. This is a network-wide tournament by Booongo, and by participating you acknowledge that winners may come from any participating casino operator.
  12. Booongo reserves the right to void scores, or not pay out a prize, where all or part of the score results from any obvious error, mistake or technical fault (including incorrect game payouts) whether caused by a machine or human error in respect of any of the participating games.
  13. Booongo further reserves the right to void scores, or not pay out a prize where, in Booongo 's opinion, all or part of the score results from cheating or collusion with other players.
  14. Booongo reserves the right to amend or cancel the campaign at any time.