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1 Ekim 2021

The October of 2021 is stacked with the most fantastic tournaments we can ever witness! Join our Worlds Collide contests on Discord before Nov 7th, and get daily prizes watching the Dota 2, CS:GO, and League of Legends Worlds Championships.

  • Leave your free predictions on TI10, Worlds 2021, and PGL Stockholm Major in special channels to earn Loot Coin points. Use them to purchase free bets, free spins, and even cashback for your account!
  • Share your highest-winning odds at these tournaments and grab €20, €15, and €10 money voucher once a week!
  • If you're feening extra lucky,  join our 5 Arcanas Giveaway on Twitter!

See you on our Discord server — it’s time to play the game.

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