New Valve patch for CS: GO

24 Şubat 2021

Meet the new Valve patch for CS: GO

On the night of March 18, 2021, Valve presented a new patch for CS: GO. This time, the main focus of the developers was on texture changes and bug fixes for a number of maps: Anubis, Engage, Apollo, Frostbite. Also, the errors of sounds when the player moves on some surfaces have undergone changes. A bug with pinging players was fixed, which completely ruled out the possibility of revealing the position of players and early withdrawing them from the battle. In addition, in the "Guardians" mode, the developers managed to fix the error when calculating cash bonuses. Also, when voting at the end of a match, players will no longer see a visual shuffle error.

Let's take a closer look at what the developers have prepared for us in the corrected locations.
Well, firstly, in the Anubis map, the bugs were completely reworked, giving an advantage when shooting through the extension between the house of the special forces command and the double doors, and also the error of atypical bouncing of grenades from the walls at point "A heaven" was fixed, due to which the clipping level was increased Garnet. Grenades now bounce in predictable trajectories. Also, changes were made to the external elements of information boards and the design of signs.

For the Engage map, the developers managed to make a number of changes to the bot navigation mechanics (for those who are not yet ready to fight opponents on the World Wide Web). Also, changes were made to some of the boost points on the map, thanks to which, with the help of allies, it was possible to take an advantageous position, and some visualization problems were fixed.

The Apollo map has also undergone major changes. In addition to fixing numerous errors of the map logic itself, and in particular boosting, including on spawn points, errors of invisible pixels and numerous exploits, the developers made a number of fixes to clipping grenades. Also, a bug with the visibility of weapons through objects at the spetsnaz spawn point was fixed and a large sign was added.

For the Frostbite map, the developers have in store a whole series of fixes. In addition to map bugs, where it was easy to get stuck, a number of visual errors were fixed and window panes in buildings were removed, which significantly improved the gameplay. Among other things, extensive work was carried out to correct the cropping of the borders of some map objects, as well as added strict boundaries of objects in the Tourist and Radio locations. Thanks to these updates, drones can no longer safely fly through objects. Also, the spawn points of exploding barrels and turrets were changed, as well as the range of disappearance of supports in the bunker was adjusted. Among other things, the exploit in the "City" location was removed.

In general, the location update affected the version of the game for Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.
At the same time, the total amount of updates was 185 MB, the current version of the game is

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