Guide to the hero Marci in Dota 2 - how to play, talents and features

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11 Mart 2022


Marci Guide in Dota 2 - talents and abilities of the character

In the fall of 2021, a new champion appeared in Dota 2 – Marci. Immediately after adding the character to the game, he started appearing in almost every match. Many gamers prefer him if it is necessary to choose a hero for the position of kerry. This guide describes all the features and talents of Marcy, and also provides instructions on how to pump his skills as efficiently as possible in order to score a lot of points for participating in various events.

In this guide, Marci is considered as a carry. This choice is due to the fact that the champion has quite a large output in this position. However, it is worth considering that it is also suitable for the role of an offline or mider. In addition, the order of skill leveling and the selection of various items is almost always the same in each of these core positions.

Character Advantages

Choosing Marci, a gamer can have such strengths of his hero:

  1. Well-designed and comfortable leaning. On almost every map, the character begins to dominate from the first minutes and, as a rule, leaves the line with several kills of enemies.

  2. Increased mobility. This is one of the reasons why Marcy shows up well on the line. She has the Rebound talent, with which you can quickly get an opponent or leave the fight. This ability is partially similar to Primal Spring in Monkey King, but in this case the jump happens instantly.

  3. Vampirism. The advantage is that Sidekick already at the first level gives a bonus to damage, as well as 35% vampirism. Thanks to this, Marcy has the opportunity to effectively exchange with enemies and farm many ancient creeps.

  4. Variable stun. One of the best talents of Dispose, you can instantly stun enemies and throw them to the nearest hills on the map. In addition, the skill is often used to save allies and other actions.

  5. Accelerated talent recharge. Players may note that the character does not depend on long recharges, because, for example, the CD of the first three abilities is 9-12 s. At the third level of pumping, the ultimate, which lasts 18 seconds, is restored in just 60 seconds. Due to this, the gamer does not need to constantly protect spells and refuse to participate in some battles.

Weaknesses of Marcy

To minimize the risks during the game, it is necessary to take into account that Marcy has several weaknesses:

  1. Relatively weak potential for farming in the forest. The champion has a very weak pace, so with 10 kills at the 25th minute, Marci can concede several thousand gold to Gyrocopter, which at that time committed only 7 kills. In addition, skills are not enough to instantly destroy forest creeps, including the ancient ones.

  2. The character does not exist without the Black King Bar. After 20 minutes of battles with the hero, the same thing happens as with the Dawnbreaker character: there is no longer enough strength for quick destruction of enemies and at the same time Marcy can die from one stun.

  3. In the absence of an ultimate, it is almost impossible to take damage. For Kerry, this nuance turns into a rather serious problem, because in the absence of an ultimatum, Marcy is inferior to every meta core character.

Instructions for pumping skills

Since Marci exists for very little time, so even professional gamers have not yet developed a canonical system for pumping the talents of this champion. However, there are several principles that will allow you to use all available tools as efficiently as possible:

  1. The priority ability on the line is Rebound – its pumping should be maximum.

  2. At the third or fourth level, you can take a Sidekick. At the same time, if the player plans to go to the forest, he needs to pump this skill together with Rebound to the maximum. Despite the fact that the increase to vampirism will be small, it will be possible to greatly increase the damage bonus, as well as speed up the recharge time.

  3. At the sixth level, it is necessary to take the ultimate in order to guarantee to commit murders at an early stage and farm effectively.

When following this instruction, the skillbuild at the sixth level looks like this - 1/3/1/1.

Marcy's Talents

In this aspect, almost all players act the same:

  • level 10 – +5 to the character's armor;

  • Level 15 – +200 to the range of application, as well as a jump from Rebound;

  • Level 20 - 1.5 s Magic resistance with Sidekick;

  • Level 25 - 1.5 s of silence from the pulsations of Unleash.

The order of assembling artifacts for the character

Due to the fact that the main characteristic for Marci is strength, players need to acquire artifacts in the following order, which effectively increases it:

  1. At the initial purchase, you need to get a Tango, a Quelling Blade, as well as two Iron Branches and Gauntlets of Strength.

  2. The next step is the acquisition of the Magic Wand and Soul Ring.

  3. When choosing a boot, you should pay attention to Phase Boots. However, many also choose Power Treads - it depends on the individual preferences of the player himself.

  4. For the transition slot, you should purchase Orb of Corrosion, which is highly efficient. It will be difficult to do without this artifact if there is a potential for the destruction of the enemy "four" on the line.

  5. Next, it is recommended to enter the Armlet of Mordiggian – this is an ideal option for a security officer character. However, this step can be skipped if the gameplay has developed quite successfully before.

  6. Purchase of Skull Basher. After all, an artifact in combination with an ultimate is the most dangerous combination. With its help, you can apply a series of blows from Unleash to stun the enemy, and then repeat the blows again.

  7. Buying a Black King Bar is very important for a successful midgame game, because without this artifact, the hero is unlikely to be able to effectively fight opponents.

  8. The next acquisition is Desolator or Crystalys. The use of these items will allow you to destroy enemies with a maximum of two series of strikes from the ultimate.

  9. For a late game, you will need the Satanic/Assault Cuirass, as well as Refresher Orb.

Optional items

In addition to the main artifacts, Marcy periodically needs various optional items, which also contribute to a quick and effective build-up of strength. These include:

  • Sange and Yasha - this increases movement speed and survival, but does not provide the necessary damage to make a burst;

  • Maelstrom and Battle Fury - give a quick acceleration of farming when it is necessary to hide in the forest;

  • Nullifier – it will come in handy if the opponents have a lot of different protective items;

  • Heaven's Halberd - helps to cope with strong blows from the enemy Ursa.

The character Marci has a relatively high winrate – 51.58% among all ranks. However, now there is practically no information about the preferred links with this hero. It is only known that Arteezy takes her in midgame, and with Crystallis and 23savage, Marcy can prove herself well in the role of Kerry. In general, players have a whole expanse in displaying their skills and experimenting with different strategies. 
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