Changes to the League of Legends Teamfight Tactics update 11.17

25 Ağustos 2021

Changes to the League of Legends Teamfight Tactics update 11.17

Teamfight Tactics update 11.17 for the League of Legends game client has brought with it a huge number of changes. Some of the third-ranked Carries have received a fix, but there are also champions for 4 and 5 gold that have been nicely buffed. In this way, the developers have decided to give the opportunity to stay relevant in the lategame, as well as giving strength to players who are building their strategies on shop upgrades. In addition, some changes to the Sentinels of Light and Spellcasters should affect the meta, as conceived by the developers. Also, let's not forget the past patches that have fixed the yordles. Let's break down the update in more detail.

RP prices will be changed as of the eighth of September in Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends in regions such as Brazil, Turkey, Latin America and Russia. They have been affected by currency and tax differences, so expect a price increase. But you can buy RP from the twenty-third of August to the eighth of September and double the bonuses you receive. 

Changed the Shovel and now it will not take up a slot of components, which are dropped before the start of the game. Shovels will now be in additional spheres.

Sentinels of Light have received a redesign and players have been given the option to choose who will be under the effect at the start of the game session. To be more precise about the mechanics, the shield will go to whoever has purchased the most items. But in case everyone has an equal amount of items, then the shield will be on the one who has more attack speed. But because of this they fixed the shields, as the Carry will be guaranteed to be under the buff. Whereas previously the attack speed was 25, 120 and 1000%, now it is 25, 90, 500% and the shield strength is 200, 900, 2000 instead of 200, 1000, 2000. Warriors also got a change in attack power per second. From 3, 6, 15 to 3, 8 and 16. Spellcasters have had the limit on the number of charges removed in this update, but the base skill strength became 15, 35 and 70, and the skill strength decreased to 2, 4 and 10 per charge.Previously the base skill strength was 22, 55, 100 and the skill strength per charge was 2, 5 and 10, so this is a strong fix that could clearly change the meta a lot.

A third rank Carry is unfairly better than a Carry for 4 and 5 gold. That's why it was decided to give meth champions a fix. 

Lee Sin has had his health count reduced by 50 and is now 800. Also his Damage from Dodge has decreased and while previously it was 250, 350, 650, now it's 200, 350 and 600. 

Nidali's evasion after taking cougar form has been reduced by 5%, now it's 40% chance. In addition, the bonus attack speed has been affected and is now 30, 50 and 70% instead of 40, 50 and 75%.

Raykan has decreased the damage from the Shiny Feather on the last level by 100 and it is now 800 and also fixed the healing from it, which became 70% of the amount of health, which is not enough to 100% on the same last level of pumping. 

Riven now has 50 less health and is now 800. Also his Damage Power is now 75 instead of 80. Blade of Dawn also changed at the last level and its critical damage is 110%, i.e. reduced by 10%, and also reduced the Damage from Blade itself by as much as 200 units, from 500 before to 300.

Yasuo's attack speed has been reduced from 0.95 to 0.9. His Fireblade deals less damage at the last level, going from 600 to 550. Also, the net damage that adds up has been reduced by 5, to 55.

Fourth tier Champion Draven improved from 0.75 to 0.8.

The fifth ranked Champion well boosted Gwen and his Free Cut at all levels. Previously his damag was 100, 150, 1777 and now it is 125, 200, 2222.

Heimerdinger had his attack speed reduced from 0.75 to 0.7, but his mana was increased from 140 to 160.

Kale's health has been significantly increased by 150 and now stands at 800. His attack speed was also increased from 1.1 to 1.15.

Viego got a fix of Right Strong, and now the damage increase is 50% instead of 100%, but this is offset by the increase in damage from this skill at second and third level from 300, 1500 to 360 and 2000. And also the decrease in Champion's HP under subjugation is now 10, 5 and 0% instead of 15, 7 and 0% per second.

Among the items, the Giant Killer has been strengthened to make it more usable in the esport arena. The need for HP points has been reduced by 150 and is now 1600 instead of 1750. Damage increase was doubled to 20%. But if the health point requirement is met, the item is now 5% worse, i.e. 70% instead of 75%.

There are also changes in the interface. Now in the client tab with a history of battles Teamfight Tactics located more conveniently. It's located next to the battle pass in the centre in the new update.

In addition, the fixes received errors and at the moment the description of Ivern's skill shows how much damage the Daisies do, as well as the duration of the stun. No extra coin will be dropped from dragon eggs that mature over three rounds. Also removed the reduction of vampirism from the magic of the Chalice of Mercy, if the damage went through the area. Fixed Atrox's healing if the target of his skill dies before the animation ends. Heart of Gold has also been corrected, and now, when soldiers leave the radius of action of Golden Heart, the debuff effect is removed if they are affected by another attack speed reduction debuff. And Lucian can now interrupt the skill in cases he turns into Lulu.

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