League of Legends: Champions update in 11.11

19 Haziran 2021

League of Legends: 11.11. patch overview. Champions

Before exploring the new Champions meta, check out the hero changes in patch 11.11. Update 11.11 brought a lot of changes, and let's turn to the major changes to Champions that will clearly affect the meta this season. On the top lane, the main leaders, Ugrot and Li Sin, were significantly changed and not for the better. Le Sinu has their Onslaught cooldown raised from eight seconds to nine seconds. This is the main skill of trades on the lane and now it will be much harder for him to bully. Urgotu reduces protection from twenty - thirty six percent to twenty - thirty four percent. This decrease is certainly unpleasant, but it is easily compensated by the enhancement of the Black Ax. Strengthened by Timo and Sinjet. Timo now has a Fast Run cooldown of fourteen seconds instead of seventeen seconds and this will affect the entire game both on lane and midgame. Sinjedu have their Throw recharge time reduced from ten seconds to ten to eight seconds, depending on the level of pumping. This power-up will show itself in full force in the late game.

Morgana and Rumble are weakening in the forest. Morgana's damage to neutral monsters is reduced from one hundred and eighty-five to one hundred and fifty-five percent, as well as Rumble's damage to monsters is reduced from one hundred and twenty to eighty percent. Eliza and Shako worsened a little. Eliza's passive Spider Queen, which grants bonus Ability Power Damage to Spider-Form Basic Attacks, will be reduced from thirty percent to twenty percent. And Shako's two skills were changed. The Jester out of the box now deals nine percent of ability power, and eighteen percent on single targets, up from 10 percent before the update and twenty percent on single targets. Poisoned Enchantments now deal fifty percent of Ability Power, up from fifty-five percent. These changes will greatly affect the farm speed of both Champions' jungle, ganks and, accordingly, may affect the outcome of the game. Jungle buffs are given to Graves and Hecarim, who clearly need improvement, as these Champions have very low win rates. Graves is given an increase in attack power by one and now it is equal to four, and Hecarim has more changes. Rampage now has seventy-five percent bonus attack damage ratio instead of seventy, and Devastating Dash has fifty-five percent bonus attack damage minimum and maximum one hundred ten percent instead of fifty and one hundred. For those who like tanks in the forest, they upgrade the Nautilus. Now his Seismic Wave does one hundred and fifty percent damage against monsters. Master Yi reworked a bit. Deteriorated the First Impact and its damage coefficient from attack power is ninety percent instead of one hundred, but strengthened the Wuju Style and the base damage is now ten points higher at all levels, that is, thirty at the first level of pumping and seventy at the last, versus twenty at the first and sixty on the last one.

On the mid lane, Kiana is weakened. Her Elemental Mastery now grants 2% less movement speed. If earlier it was from five to thirteen percent, now it has become from three to eleven percent at the last level of pumping. Azir and Ryze are strengthening. Azir's mana cost for Relentless Sands is now fifty-five instead of seventy, and Ryze's health gain is now one hundred and ten when it was ninety-eight before the update.

There are few changes on the bottom line. There is only one Champion, and that is Ezreal. Health regeneration gain is now sixty-five hundredths, up from fifty-five hundredths per level, and base armor is now twenty-four when it was twenty-two before the refresh.

There are also changes in the support position. Seraphine has changed Surround Sound very well, and now it gives the base shield strength for itself from seventy-five to two hundred and twenty-five, from level one to eighteen, and before the update, it was from seventy-five to one hundred and fifty units. For allies, now from fifty to one hundred and fifty instead of fifty to one hundred units, also from the first to the eighteenth level. Lyon gets weakened. The base damage of the Eclipse has been reduced from sixty at the first level of pumping and two hundred at the last to forty-five at the first and at the last to one hundred and eighty-five. Senna is almost completely changed. Passive Liberate now grants twenty points instead of twenty-five additional attack range for every twenty charges of fog. Curse of black fog now gives an additional movespeed not twenty percent, as it was before, but twenty percent and plus one percent for twenty ability powers. Shadowlight now has a seventy percent AP damage ratio, up from fifty.

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