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10 Haziran 2022

Sven Guide dota 2 

Do you want to uncompromisingly destroy enemies on pure physical strength? Powerfully knocking out the entire enemy team with a few punches? Then feel free to choose the hero Sven – an extraordinaire master and the owner of a unique combination of skills.

This Sven guide contains a lot of useful information about his talents, advantages and disadvantages, game tactics, features of battles with easy and dangerous opponents.

Hero's Skills 

So, the character Sven in Dota 2 is a typical "enforcer" with a good level of armor, health, damage and strength gain. His main role in the game is to inflict maximum damage to opponents in close battles at the expense of basic skills. The prototype for the hero was the famous Danish bodybuilder and film actor Sven-Ole Thorsen. He can be seen in the roles of all kinds of villains and giants in many popular films ("Conan the Barbarian", "Lethal Weapon", "Running Man", "Predator", "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", "A Viking Saga", "Gladiator").

Sven in Dota 2 has several basic, passive and non-directional skills:

- Storm Hammer. A powerful weapon that allows the hero to stun opponents and damage them. The range of the magic gauntlet is 255. The skill can be improved with Aghanim's Scepter (increasing the range of use) and Aghanim's Shard (reducing cooldown by 4 seconds).

- Great Cleave. Punches of mighty force, cutting through a specific enemy and causing damage to his partners in a certain radius (150-360). This skill is especially valuable in team battles when the opponent's heroes are not far from each other.

- Warcry. A useful skill that effectively affects both Sven himself and his allies (creep heroes, clones). Sven improves his own speed (up to 20%), and allies get a significant increase in armor (up to 15) and speed. This skill can be useful both before the start of the battle, and in the later stages to speed up the team.

- God's Strength. Increase Sven's strength and damage to enemies to the level of – God for as much as 40 seconds. The amount of base damage increases to 200% and can be pumped up to 250%!.

These skills can be enhanced after purchasing some items (Aghanim's Scepter, Aghanim's Shard) and improved upon reaching the appropriate talent level.

Sven Skillbuild 

The main skill and striking power of the hero is Storm Hammer. It is the magic glove that needs to be pumped at the first few levels according to the logic of our Dota 2 Sven guide. With this skill, Sven will not get lost in the huge battles of the initial stages of the game.

As the accumulation of useful items (Battle Fury, Magnus) increases the power of splash damage. It's time to improve Great Cleave. At the sixth level, God's Strength is taken. Next, you should maximize the main skill of Storm Hammer, simultaneously improving Great Cleave and Warcry in any sequence.

Sven Talents

When choosing Sven talents, the Dota 2 guide recommends, if possible, to cover the weaknesses of the hero and the shortcomings of the team strategy. Low-mobility Sven obviously will not be hindered by +15 attack speed at level 10 and +8% movement speed with Warcry.

At level 15, the player will have an interesting choice between increasing the cutting damage by 25% with Great Cleave and reducing the God's Strength recharge rate by 15 seconds.

The choice of level 25 is obvious – 50% additional damage with God's Strength can make a decisive contribution to the overall victory. Extending the deafening effect of Storm Hammer by 1.25 seconds will only help if the team is running out of time.

Tactics of the game with Sven Dota guide

Experienced players know perfectly well how to play Sven in Dota 2. This is a simple tactic that will work for most kerry. Its essence can be expressed by the famous football expression – hit-run. It is enough for a gamer to turn on all the hero's abilities at the right moment and beat anyone who comes across on the horizon.

It is important to keep in mind the timely pumping of abilities and monitor the level of the deficit mana for Sven.


A big role in the successful development of the game is given to competent purchases. The starting gentleman's set includes: Tango, Healing Salve (restoring health), Stout Shield (protection from enemies), Enchanted Mango, Clarity (for aggressive play), Iron Branch (for enhancing characteristics).

As money becomes available, the Guide for Sven on Dota 2 recommends getting Boots of Speed (for speed), Helm of Dominator (for going into the forest and taming creeps), Power Treads (for speed and attack). Then you can purchase Blink Dagger (for teleportation).

For the middle and ends of the game, Sven will need Black King Bar, Daedalus, Hyperstone, Assault Cuirass, Satanic, Boots of Travel.

Clients and counter picks 

Sven's choice is more than justified against characters with weak armor (Huskar, Tiny), illusionists and summonses (Naga Siren, Phantom Lancer, Chaos Knight, Chen), formidable but weakly mobile security forces (Slardar, Lycan, Lifestealer).

Sven's strong counter picks in Dota 2 are mana burners (Anti–Mage), heroes with decent attacking range (Medusa, Sniper, Windranger), fighters with strong base damage (Shadow Shaman).



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