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Dota 2
3 Mart 2021

Valve unveils Dota Plus update

Late in the evening of the first day of spring, Valve presented a patch with an updated Dota Plus subscription. Valve has decided to delight their subscribers with updated content that touched not only hero relics, changes to support for the Turbo game mode, but also the seasonal treasury, as well as an extensive list of updated tasks and corresponding rewards for guilds. The full list of updates can be found on the official game blog.

Let's take a closer look at what the Dota 2 developers have prepared for us. Let's start with the relic updates, and the first thing that catches your eye is that relics now have levels. To increase the levels, the player needs to get experience points, which are given for the murders of opponents. For example, for a relic that counts the number of kills committed by Ax with the ultimate Culling Blade, the next level can be obtained every time 50 frags are committed. Moreover, when a character reaches a certain threshold value of level points, the game will notify him with a special sign that will appear above the player's icon and show statistics, and the character will receive experience for the hero. Moreover, if you have ordinary relics, then the character will be awarded only five experience points for each level, and for rare relics, the reward will be as much as 30 experience points. In addition, the developers have reworked the direct procedure for acquiring relics, offering to exchange the player's 1600 fragments for a regular relic, while the player can exchange 8000 fragments for a rare relic. In this case, the player will not have the right to choose from the available fragments of relics, the game will offer them randomly, but in any case, you are guaranteed to take exactly the relic that you definitely do not have. Also, the Valve developers removed from the list of available relics those that became irrelevant after updates in the gameplay, and also reworked some of them.

Valve devs have done some work on the turbo game mode change. Realizing the great love of numerous players with a Dota Plus subscription to this mode, they additionally included the ability to keep statistics on relics and challenges, however, bonus points in such matches will be reduced exactly 2 times, and for completed challenges they will give no more than one award star 

For players, the next seasonal update of the treasury is also prepared, available for exchange with players with a subscription for the shards obtained in trials. The updated treasure contains updated sets for characters such as Broodmother, Bloodseeker, Clockwerk, Drow Ranger, Lich, Juggernaut, Magnus, Sand King, Pugna, Slark, and Windranger. Subscription holders have a good chance of getting very rare bundles. If you are in luck, you can get an extremely unique courier model - Mango the Newt, which contains a pair of stones inside it - kinetic and prismatic gems. In order to be able to get as many shards as possible for the updated relics and treasures, players with a subscription will receive a new set of seasonal challenges, which are also included in the update. However, players are limited to 115,200 shards for completing all missions.

Updates also affected the gradation in the ranks of the guilds, including the silver, gold and platinum ranks. For each rank, special rewards have been prepared, which include emoticons, graffiti or phrases from the chat wheel.

Also today, the official trailer for the promising Dota 2 anime series DOTA: Dragon's Blood was released. The premiere took place at three o'clock in the morning Moscow time. The first episode was announced on the Netflix platform, and the show will begin on March 25 for subscribers of the service. The Dota 2 series will mark a completely new evolutionary stage in the development of the Dota 2 gaming universe!

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