Dota 2 DPC WEU 2022 Tour 2 Division I has started

Dota 2
17 Mart 2022


The DPC WEU 2022 tournament has started: Dota 2 Division I

DPC WEU Tour 2: Division I has started - a tournament between the teams of the main division of the DPC rating leagues of the Dota 2 season. This game has become one of the most popular among esports fans. The tournament will be an important event of the year not only for cyber sportsmen and fans, but also for bettors. A successful bet on the outcome of a match or other game events can bring a big win in just an hour.

Conditions of the tournament: organizers, participants, teams

DPC WEU 22 Tour 2: Division I - the second round among the teams of the first division. It is attended by 8 teams from Western European countries, and the organizer was the European company DreamHack. The participants were the teams that won the right to a place in the first division during the last rating season based on the results of the previous games. Interestingly, this division used to be called the top division, but now Valve has started calling it the first. The following teams take part: Team Liquid, Gladiators, Tundra Esports, OG, Team Secret, Nigma Galaxy

The teams will fight among themselves for a cash prize: the total amount of the prize fund was $ 205 thousand. In addition, DPC prize points are awarded between the teams, giving the right to participate in the majors and admission to The International - the main international championship of the year.

The tournament is held under the following conditions:

  • Six participating teams were previously in the top division at the end of last season. Two more teams have risen from the second division based on the results of previous matches.

  • In the group stage, the matches are held according to the "everyone with everyone" system, the winner is determined by the "best of three" principle. The team must win at least two out of three cards.

  • If a team takes one of the places from first to sixth, it gets the opportunity to continue competing in the first division next season.

  • The teams that managed to take places from 1 to 4 advance to the regional final.

  • If a team takes one of the last two places of the tournament, it goes down to the second division.

The winner will receive a prize of 30 thousand dollars and another 300 DPC points. The team in second place will become the owner of a prize of 28 thousand dollars and 180 prize points. For the third place, a prize of 27 thousand dollars and 120 points is provided. The teams in fourth and fifth place can count on 26 and 25 thousand dollars, as well as 660 and 30 DPC points, respectively.

Betting opportunities for the DPC WEU tournament

Betting on DPC WEU 2022 will allow bettors to get a special pleasure from the game, enjoy the feeling of excitement, and at the same time win a large sum. The bookmaker accepts various types of bets: they can be placed in advance or directly during the match in LIVE mode. To guess the outcome of an esports event, you need not only to be well versed in the DOTA 2 gameplay, but also to monitor the ratings of teams and individual players.

Betting on DPC WEU on KuroKy, Nine, tOfu and other top players will allow you to get a significant amount. Various types of bets are possible:

  • On the outcome of the match. If the team wins, the bettors take the winnings.

  • The number of character kills during the duel. It is not easy to predict it in advance, this is one of the risky types of bets.

  • The number of cards for which the winner will be determined. Possible betting options are "more than 2.5" and "less than 2.5".

  • For the time during which the match will be completed. This rate is called "Total minutes".

Bets on the outcome of the Dota 2 tournament have become no less popular among bettors. In order to predict its results, you will need to carefully monitor the positions of teams in the standings, follow the game news and player ratings.

Where is the best place to bet on DPC WEU 2022

LOOT.BET accepts bets of various types on the outcome of Dota 2 battles within the framework of the tournament among Western European teams. Follow the course of the tournament, choose your favorites and don't be afraid to take risks – a successful bet will bring a guaranteed big win.

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