Dota 2 DPC SA 2022 Tour 2 Tournament: Division I has started

Dota 2
17 Mart 2022


Dota 2 DPC SA 2022 Tour 2 Division I has started

DPC SA Tour 2: Division I is the second round of the international DPC Dota 2 tournament between first division teams from South American countries. The organizer this year, as well as last season, is the Peruvian 4D Esports operator company. Players will have to fight for a large sum of money, as well as for DPC points, which will make it possible to get to the largest international championship of the year. The tournament will give bettors the opportunity not only to see the game of the favorites of the first division, but also a way to earn a large sum. Bets on Dota Pro Circuit SA 2022 are accepted both before the start of the match and directly during the competition in LIVE mode.

How is DPC SA 2022 going? Participants, organization, prize fund

8 teams from South American countries will participate in DPC SA 22 Tour 2: Division I. Such teams as Thunder Awaken, Infamous, beastcoast, APU King of Kings, Lava, Hokori compete. Six of them were already in the first division last season and confirmed their right to participate with victories. Two teams have moved from the second division due to the good results of previous matches. The final amount of the cash prize of the tournament will be $ 205,000, and the participants will also have to share 920 DPC prize points among themselves.

The Dota 2 tournament will be attended by top players such as mini, SexyFat, Jupiter, NUAGES and others. Fans track their game statistics throughout the season, as well as transitions between teams, which ensures the strengthening or weakening of the squad.

The tournament is held under the following conditions:

  • During the group stage, the competitions are held on the principle of "everyone with everyone". Players will have to fight on three maps, the best team is determined by the principle of "Best of 3".

  • The first-place team gets the right to access the major playoffs. Also, the winner will receive 400 DPC points, which will significantly increase the chances of access to the main international championship. The size of the cash prize will be 30 thousand dollars.

  • The team in second place moves on to the group stage of the major. In addition, the team will be awarded 240 DPC prize points and a $28,000 cash prize.

  • If a team takes one of the first 6 places in the standings, it will retain the right to play in the first division.

  • If the team ends up in seventh or eighth place, it falls into the second division.

Betters can place bets on APU King of Kings or other teams. The bet will bring money if the player manages to guess the outcome of the match or other game event. In order not to make a mistake in the choice, you should carefully monitor what is happening at the tournament, track the ratings of teams and player transitions.

Betting options for Dota 2

It is no coincidence that Dota 2 has become one of the favorite games in the world of professional esports. Players are attracted by clear mechanics, intense gameplay, unpredictability of match results – they largely depend not on the strength of specific characters, but on the coherence of team actions and the ability to follow a strategy. For bettors, watching a professional game allows them not only to enjoy the feeling of excitement, but also to earn a large sum on bets.

You can place the following types of bets:

  • On the result of the match. In this case, the betterer must guess which team will win the battle.

  • For the time it will take the team to win. Some games can end very quickly, but often the parties are delayed.

  • The number of character kills. This is one of the most important indicators by which the performance of players during the match is monitored.

  • The number of cards that players will need to determine the winner.

Betters can also follow the course of the tournament and place large bets on the winning team. Bookmakers keep a rating of favorites and outsiders, it helps to predict the outcome of the tournament in advance.

Where can I bet on Dota 2?

On our website, you can make various types of bets on Dota 2 matches. Follow the progress of the tournament and the interim results, player ratings and information about the lineups. A successful bet will allow you to get a large sum at a time. Don't be afraid to take risks: Dota-2 often presents players and bettors with big surprises!

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