CS:GO lines in "Source 2" engine

29 Haziran 2021

CS:GO codelines in "Source 2" 

Datamainers have discovered that the "Source 2" engine's resources have lines of code dedicated to CS:GO

It has long been rumored that the developers from Valve are planning to produce a port of the most famous tactical shooter "CS:GO" on the new engine for it named "Source 2". Now there is probably a confirmation of this, thanks to insider Gabe Follower. He constantly monitors the leaks, which take place at Valve company, and shares his findings on Twitter.

He claims that the "Libengine2" library, which is located on Steam and contains Source 2 engine resources, has found lines dedicated to CS:GO. This probably means that the developers are still planning to transfer the shooter to the modern engine and make necessary changes to the game's code.

According to Gabe Follower on his Twitter account, the first-ever mention of CS:GO appeared in the "libengine2" library. He is very hopeful that work continues on a port of CS:GO to the modern "Source 2" engine.

Previously, in October 2020, Gabe Follower, then still remembered as a former programmer at Valve, spoke about the likely implications of upgrading the CS:GO engine to Source 2. It all started then because of an update to the beta game "Artifact", which found mention of the CS:GO shooter on the modern "Source 2" engine. And before that, there were mentions of a CS:GO version on the new engine for it back in May 2020. These lines were in the "Half-Life: Alyx Workshop" files. Apart from that there was also a mention of the game "Left 4 Dead 3".

In July 2020 on the YouTube channel "Valve News Network" was reported by Tyler Mcvicker, the author of the channel, that there is a high probability of CS:GO on the engine "Source 2" in late 2021. He also warned players that the transition could cause frustration for many gamers.

The Source 2 engine is currently used in popular games such as Artifact 2.0, Dota 2, Half-Life: Alyx, while CS:GO is still running on the old Source engine.

There was also news from Portuguese player Nuno "BhTT" Silva. He said that Valve will probably conduct an open beta test of CS:GO on the new "Source 2" engine. His sources said that there is probably a plan to revise the "Mirage" and "Office" maps, as well as the release of the "Tuscan" map.

According to Silva, CS:GO on his new "Source 2" engine has already been finalized, and only has to wait for official news from Valve about the opening of the test. Nuno Silva also announced new modes for players like Heist, Retake, and Versus with 1v1 and 2v2 battles.


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