CS:GO News - Championship Results, Gambit's Well-Being, Astralis' Criticism

19 Aralık 2021

CS:GO: Gambit players' well-being, Kane's criticism of Astralis

CS:GO regularly hosts regional tournaments and international championships that reveal new winners and exciting events to the gaming world. Often spectators who bet on CS:GO are surprised by the extraordinary play of the teams. But what's going on inside the teams and what's the news of the latest tournaments? Find out below!

G2 Esports video: NiKo misses the s1mple

A popular organization called G2 Esports made the publication of a filmed training video of player Nikola Kovac under the nickname NiKo. He did not hit Alexander Kostylev with the nickname s1mple during a tournament called "PGL Major Stockholm-2021".

In the video presented, Kovacs attempts to hit a bot with the nickname Natus Vincere. Some time later, G2 Esports was able to replay this moment from the final of the major that happened on the Nuke map. In doing so, s1mple is put on the booth. Nikolaj Kovacs prefers to shoot from the nine. The missed shots resulted in Kovac swearing in Serbian.

He was helped by Nemanja Kovac under the nickname huNter, who took over. After accurate aiming, he destroyed the enemy. The result of the tournament was a score of 15:12 in favor of the G2 eSports organization. NiKo ended up being able to see s1mple much earlier, but unfortunately did not hit his opponent, which led to him losing the round. As a result, the CIS team won the championship and did not make concessions to their opponents.

Self-image of the Gambit players

Gambit esports team sniper Dmitry Sokolov under the nickname sh1ro shared information about the players' condition at the conducted tournament called "BLAST Premier: World Final-2021" on CS:GO. According to his statement, the team spent a huge amount of emotions at the previously held tournament "IEM Winter 2021".

As a result of one match after another, the game was very hard, but not physically, but more mentally. A large amount of emotion the participants gave when playing in Stockholm, as there were 15:15 comeback. Now the situation has normalized.

Gambit team coach Konstantin Pikiner under the nickname Groove also appeared on the blog and commented on the situation in the match against Heroic. There is a bug "moth" on the game card Vertigo, which from time to time prefers to use contras. But at the tournament it should be banned, and the information about this was not communicated to all playing teams. Players of the Heroic team used this bug twice. As a result, admins stopped the ongoing match, and the winning team was not counted in the last round. But the judges agreed with the arguments presented by the offended team, which appealed to them.

The match between popular teams Gambit and Heroic was held on the evening of December 14. As a result, the team from the CIS won the tournament with a score of 2-0 and managed to pass to the semifinals of the upper net. Soon they will have to fight with Team Liquid.

Kane's criticism of Astralis: "Players were recruited by advertisement."

The former coach of Natus Vincere team Mikhail Blagin under the nickname Kane expressed his opinion on the results of Astralis on the held CS:GO tournaments at the end of the current year. After the Danes' defeat of Team Liquid in the playoffs "BLAST Premier: World Final-2021", he commented on the way the team recruited players to their roster. It was suggested to him that they were recruited through an ad posted online.

The match between Astralis and Team Liquid took place on the night of December 18 this year and the result was a 2-0 score of 16:9 on Dust2 and 16:13 on Mirage. In the next match today at 21:30 Moscow time, the team will play rival Natus Vincere. The gaming tournament takes place on December 14 and 19 this year in Copenhagen on LAN in the popular studio format. A large prize pool, currently at $1 million, is being played between the eight teams.


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