Undetectable cheat for CS: GO

27 Şubat 2021

Undetectable cheat for CS: GO

Back in October 2020, in his review, the famous British blogger Sparkes spoke about a cheat for CS:GO that cannot be detected by existing anti-cheats. It is capable of running on any competitive platform including ESEA and Faceit. This is possible due to the fact that a cheat is a whole microcomputer that is inserted into the motherboard and cannot be detected by modern software methods. The principle of operation of the cheat is similar to the aimbot, which itself corrects the movements of the mouse, and directs the sight to the right place. At the same time, this device is perceived by the computer as a mouse and is not perceived as a third-party program.

For a long time Sparkles, a well-known blogger and movie maker for CS Source, has been drawing the attention of Valve to various problems of bugs and anti-cheats. Last year, he actively released a series of videos detailing Valve's flaws. Although the developers remained indifferent to the problems highlighted in the video, they fixed problems with bugs literally within a few days. However, the problems of cheats remained unresolved.

In July 2020, Sparklesa was interested in a video with a new CS:GO cheat, in which the author of the device showed the action of the program. The blogger managed to get an alpha version of the prototype for 1.5 thousand dollars, in which only the iM worked. The author of the invention spoke in detail about the functionality of the device and shared a description of the technology. The microprocessor synchronizes with the server and finds the necessary information about the player's position. Further, the information is transmitted to the device, which adjusts the position of the mouse. In this case, the player does not even need to press the shot button, the device itself aims and shoots. In the alpha version of the technology, settings for the speed and aiming time, as well as the level of accuracy were available.

In addition, Sparkles managed to interview the device developer, from which he learned that similar technologies are already being used in the professional arena. The developer said that a similar technology, only as a cheat with radar and 3D sound, is known and actively used on ESEA Main. He already had several buyers from professional leagues tier-2 and tier-3 and they have never been disclosed and banned on servers using ESEA Anti-cheat and FACEIT Anti-cheat anti-cheats. However, his development of the aimbot is definitely the first. In order to prevent the device from being detected by software products, it is disguised as an Ethernet adapter or video card, while the ID is changed. If the cheat is configured correctly and all the precautions are followed, then it is simply unrealistic to open it.

Fortunately, it is simply impossible to use such a device at tournaments, since all the equipment is provided by the tournament organizers, and there are frequent changes of teams with short breaks. However, for the online games, such developments pose a serious threat. If these cheats will be actively used in professional leagues, they can quietly bury all the online scene.

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