CIS ang CS:GO Team ng Taon, Charity Auction ng Finalists, at marami pa

15 Aralık 2021

CIS Counter-Strike Team of the Year

The year 2021 saw many significant events in the professional CS:GO arena. Competitions are again taking place at venues with fans, which was not the case for a while due to the COVID pandemic, the long-awaited victory was snatched by NaVi in the majors, and now there is complete dominance of the CIS over the other countries. In the past year, the world got to know many new players, and the legends once again confirmed their title.

At the end of 2021, we can compile a fantastic collection of CIS players who have performed at their best this season.

This year three Russian teams - NaVi, Gambit Esports and VP - were at the top and competed for the leading positions in the championships. Thus, the cyber athletes demonstrated their virtuosity on a global scale.

It should be noted that the CIS team was assembled without reference to the roles of players and purely formally, perhaps the absence of a snapper or the presence of two snipers in the proposed team at the same time.

Let's sharpen our focus on the two brightest players. The first slots in the hypothetical CIS team will take a pair of players NaVi - electronic and B1t. The first one played the whole season on a solid level, and the second one conquered the professional CS:GO arena and got the status of the most successful junior player. This year is notable for the fact that both players, along with their teammates, won practically everywhere they could - Major, LAN tournaments, Intel Grand Slam Season 3.

The next two slots in the CIS team are occupied by Gambit Esports members. The team managed to play an amazing first half of the year, get into the top 4 of the Major and win their pilot LAN-tournament with the current squad.

Sh1ro wasn't Gambit's only leader in 2021 - dash-1 was rocked by the returning HObbit with a triumph. He is the perfect candidate for the fifth slot on the CIS symbolic team.

Major finalists will auction off their skins for charity

The winners of the 2014 Major ESL One Cologne - GeT_RiGhT, olofmeister , f0rest and friberg are planning to sell their skins at a charity auction this year. The event is called Skins for Charity, all the money raised will be sent to the foundation that helps seriously ill children.

The action was also supported by two female Global Offensive streamers from Sweden - Fragaria and Niffonen, former professional CS 1.6 cyber-sportsman, the current director of Young Ninjas Frederick Kempf (JAEGARN) and a member of GODSENT Female Vanessa Ahlström (Nessa).

All interested parties were offered a variety of items as lots: skins for AK-47 and AWP, knives and gloves. At the moment the highest price was for AWP Azimovs owned by olofmeister. There are those who want to buy the weapon for 683 euros. Completion of trading is in 24 hours.

Counter-Strike fan bet on Gambit Esports and won 33 million

A fan bet 16 million on CS:GO that Gambit Esports will beat Heroic 2-0 in BLAST Premier: World Final 2021.

The odds on such a result was 2.08. That is, at best odds, the win is a bet multiplied by the odds. The victory of the domestic cyber sportsmen brought the fan more than 33 million. It should be noted that this amount of winnings was a record in 2021.

Interestingly, the day before the big win the bettor bet 2.9 million on the victory with the same score in NaVi over Team Liquid, but the roster from the CIS lost the match with a score of 1:2.

BLAST Premier of the outgoing year takes place December 14-19 in the capital of Denmark on LAN in the studio. Among the 8 teams is a prize fund of 1 million dollars.

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