Betting on the DPC SA 2021/22 Tour 2 tournament: Dota 2 Division I

Dota 2
13 Mart 2022

DPC SA 2021/22 Tour 2 Tournament: Dota 2 Division I

Dota Pro Circuit SA 2022 is one of the most anticipated events in the world of esports. This is an international tournament in which 8 teams from South America will take part. Players will have exciting battles for the enemy base, the points they receive can give them a chance to get to the main international world championship The International. For bettors, the tournament will be an opportunity not only to cheer for their favorite team, but also to place a bet to get a win. LOOT.BET offers to bet online on Dota Pro Circuit SA 2022, choose the favorite team and win large sums.

DPC SA 2022: participants, prizes, tournament organization structure

DPC SA Tour 2: Division I is the second round of an international tournament in which teams of the first division among South American countries participate. In addition to a large cash prize, the winners receive prize points, which in the future can help them get an invitation to The International. These points are reserved for the player: even if he leaves his team and moves to another, they will remain and will maintain his reputation.

The participants of the second round will be 8 teams, two of which rise from the second division based on the results of past battles, and 6 are already in the first division. This scheme makes the game especially tense: it is important for teams to maintain the positions they have won. The games are held according to the "each with each" system according to the "best of three" principle - you will have to become the winner on three cards.

The organizer of the tournament was the operator from Peru 4D Esports. The following teams will compete: Thunder Awaken, Infamous, beastcoast, APU King of Kings, Lava, Hokori

The game will be attended by Dota 2 DPC stars, such as mini, SexyFat, Jupiter, NUAGES and other professional esports players. Bettors can track their interim results to determine in advance which team has a serious chance of success.

The total prize fund of the international tournament is $ 205 thousand, the prizes are distributed among the participants as follows:

  • The winner of the tournament wins $30,000 and moves on to the regional final. The team is also awarded 300 DPC points.
  • The team that wins the second place receives $28,000 and 180 prize points.
  • The team in third place is awarded a prize of 27,000 and 120 prize points.
  • The team in fourth place gets 26,000 and 60 DPC points.

The top four teams qualify for the regional finals. The top six teams at the end of the tournament retain their places in the first division, and the remaining two are eliminated in the second division.

How to bet on Dota 2?

Dota 2 is one of the most famous MOBA games in the world, it has also become one of the most popular esports disciplines. 2 teams, consisting of 5 players each, must fight on the map to destroy enemy towers and capture the base, moving to it is conducted along three lines. With all the external simplicity of the gameplay, the game turns into an exciting process: you can choose characters with different abilities and advantages, build personal tactics, and deceive rivals to achieve victory.

To place a bet, the bettor chooses a team, for example, APU King of Kings. Various types of bets are provided on our website:

  • On the outcome of the match. The bettor will have to guess which team will be the winner on this map.
  • For the amount of time the match will take. This is one of the unpredictable bets, since when professional players clash, the fight can be very protracted.
  • The number of character kills during the game. The more active the players behave on the battlefield, the more bloody battles with the death of heroes will be.
  • The number of cards during which it will be possible to determine the winner. You can bet a total of more or less than 2.5 cards.

The biggest bets bettors make on the outcome of the esports tournament. Track the quotes of the teams in order to determine the favorite in advance – this will allow you to predict the final result of international competitions.

To start betting on Dota 2 matches, register on the website, choose the appropriate type of game and do not be afraid to take risks. An international tournament will help you get a large sum if you can correctly guess the result of a sporting event.

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