Bets on the Dota 2 tournament DPC SEA 2021/22 Tour 2: Division I

Dota 2
13 Mart 2022


Dota 2 Tournament DPC SEA 2021/22 Tour 2: Division I

LOOT.BET offers to bet on Dota Pro Circuit SEA 2022 – one of the largest international tournaments in the popular MOBA. Game fans may expect an exciting spectacle, and betters - an opportunity to receive a big win with effective bets. The tournament is held between professional teams from Southeast Asia, it will be one of the highlights of the season. Follow the game, track the results of matches and place bets on DPC SEA 2022 to get a considerable profit.

DPC SEA 2021/22: tournament organization, prize fund, participants

DPC SEA 2022 Tour 2: Division I is the second round of international Dota 2 competition; teams from the first division will participate in it. As last year, the organizer of the international tournament will be the American operator Beyond The Summit. 8 teams will participate in the competition: 2 of them rise from the second division to the first according to the results of the previous matches, the rest must hold the already captured positions in the first division.

In Dota 2 Pro Circuit games will meet strong teams such as Fnatic, T1, BOOM Esports, Neon Esports. They will have to fight according to the "everyone with everyone" system, the winner is determined by the "best of three" principle, that is, the team must beat the opponent in two of three maps.

According to the results of the tournament, the 6 best teams will remain in the first division, and the two worst will have to return to the second division. 4 winning teams additionally get the opportunity to compete in the regional final. The total prize fund of the tournament is 205 thousand US dollars, as well as 690 DPC points.

The winners of the tournament can count on the following prizes:

  • The best team receives a prize of $ 30,000 and 300 DPC points, which gives it a good chance of being invited to the International World Championship The International.

  • The team that wins the second place receives a reward of $ 28,000 and 180 DPC points.

  • The team in the third place receives a prize of $27,000 and 120 DPC points.

  • The team in the fourth place is awarded a prize of $26,000 and 60 DPC points.

Winning the tournament is not only an opportunity to win a prize and the love of fans. It can also become a pass to one of the main events in the world of esports – The International World Championship.

How to bet on Pro Circuit SEA 2022?

Betting on esports makes watching matches especially fascinating. You can not just cheer for your favorite team, but also get big winnings if you can guess the result of an esports event. You can bet on the team, for example, bet on DPC Execration, or choose one of the possible options for completing the match.

The following types of bets are provided for Dota 2 betters:

  • On the result of matches - a bet on the outcome. The player must guess how the game will end, for this, experienced betters track the lineups of teams, player transitions, growth or decrease in their performance.

  • On the number of kills during the battle. It depends on the activity of the players, their tactics, and professional level. An experienced betterer can predict their actions during the game and determine the upcoming number of kills.

  • On the time that the match will take place. If teams of approximately the same level collide, the confrontation between the players may take longer.

  • On the number of maps on which the winner will be determined. You can choose more than 2.5 or less than 2.5 maps. In most cases, it is not possible to determine the winner on two maps, the team achieves at least one victory.

Bets on the Pro Circuit SEA 2022 can be placed on the outcome of the entire tournament. Long-term bets require constant tracking of quotes and news of the gaming world – this will allow you to predict which team will become the favorite. To increase the chances of success, betters often turn to experts to get more accurate forecasts.

Dota 2 has become one of the most famous games in the world of esports, it is no coincidence that it is popular by bookmakers. Explore the fascinating game world, follow the progress of the teams in the standings and make effective bets to receive a big win. 

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