Patch 12.1 for LoL, first LEC 2022 Spring matches to be played online

27 Ocak 2022

What does Riot Games have in store for League of Legends fans in 2022?

During the first two weeks of 2022, professional players and fans of League of Legends could rejoice in several news from the developers of Riot Games. After all, the company almost simultaneously announced a number of updates to its most popular product.

Consider them in detail.

Zeri - a new LoL champion

In the first days of January, the Internet leaked information that says Riot Games has already prepared a new champion for League of Legends and very soon players will be able to try him in the battle arena.

According to data found in the network, this character will be named Zeri, the Spark of Zaun (about how exactly the developers will translate it into Russian, is still unknown). Along with the name of the hero, his image was also published, but it was quickly removed.

Perhaps, this event helped to speed up the presentation of Zeri, which, in fact, was done by the developer. Now we know that the first champion in 2022 is endowed with the ability to attack enemies with electric arrows, as well as jump over various obstacles and move very quickly in certain time intervals.

Zeri will appear in League of Legends in patch 12.2, which will be activated on January 20.

Patch 12.1 for LoL: what is already available to gamers?

Despite the fact that patch 12.2 will soon be launched in LoL, not all players have yet appreciated the changes that the developer released in patch 12.1 on January 5. According to this update, champions Gangplank and Diana received new buffs, while Rek`Sai and Sona received minor weakenings. There were also other adjustments to the game:

- Systemic enhancements to Force of Nature;

- systemic weakening of such options as "Death of Mind", "Eclipse", as well as "Crossbow of Immortality";

- changes to "Teleport" - now up to 14 minutes it can only be used to move to the towers, after which the function will work as usual.

Players should hurry up and test the update to appreciate the developer's efforts before the new patch is released.

Riot Games studio no longer supports paid first-person broadcasts

The other day Riot Games announced that from February 1, it will no longer work on the service Pro View. This resource is designed for users to watch various streams from professional gamers, get exclusive content, game statistics, as well as other useful information.

Pro View's subscription cost users $6.99 a month. Despite the interesting content and affordable price, the studio decided to close the project. The reason was the small number of active subscribers and a rather low interest in the various functions. In turn, Riot Games intends to find a better option to provide fans of the professional scene with content.

LEC 2022 Spring: the first matches will take place online through the new wave of Covid-19 in Berlin

Professional players and League of Legends fans are now keeping a close eye on how events unfold at LEC 2022 Spring. The spring split of this league started on January 14 and, despite the preliminary plans of the tournament organizers, the first matches will take place online, but in spite of this, betting on LOL is still available on LOOT.BET.

All teams are forced to play from bootcamps. The reason for this is the new outbreak of coronavirus in Germany. The LoL development company is closely monitoring any changes in the country so that they can start playing matches in the studio as soon as possible. Ten teams take part in the tournament, which are fighting for a cash prize of 200,000 euros and a pass to the Mid-Season Invitational 2022 championship.

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