Latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive news, new BLAST Premier format, where Fallen is going and more.

13 Ocak 2022

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Latest news from January

January has just crossed the equator, and a lot of interesting things have already happened in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Here we can find renewed tournament CS:GO formats, new lineups in teams, and analyst trolling. A lot has happened, about this in our news.

Renewed BLAST Premier format: There are questions, but many liked it

The traditional BLAST Premier tournament, held from 28.01.2022 to 6.02.2022, will be held in a slightly updated format. First, about the Russian participant Natus Vincere: he got into Group B and, in the first match, will clash with the Brazilian MIBR. The competition will be held under the CSL system (3 groups of 4 teams) until one victory - here everything remains unchanged.

Then play will be as follows:

  • Play-in matches until two wins.

  • Three single-elimination grids: the 3rd and 4th ranked teams will play the quarterfinals, the 2nd ranked teams will play the semifinals, and the top ranked teams will play the finals.

  • Play-in winners go on to the Spring Finals.

  • Rosters who do not make the ¼ finals advance to the Spring Showdown.

  • The remaining teams go on to compete for admission to the final tournament of the season, the Last Chance stage (three matches, best-of-3).

We remind you that the participants will get rating points. The tournament prize fund is $177,500.

What's wrong with CIS teams? Reading Duncan Shields.

According to renowned game analyst Duncan Shields, better known as Trofin, CIS teams lack trashtalk. In a recent interview, he admires the play of Gambit Esports and Natus Vincere, but believes they don't do enough "dirty talk."

He is quoted: "When there's a great fighter in UFC who wants to fight for the belt, they expect not only good fight and skill, but he should be interesting as a person in the first place and there should be a lot of hype around the fight. It seems that rapid progress of CIS teams helped CS:GO, but they weren't getting any closer to the dominating force, although they had a good chance.

Why? It's all about the difference in mentality and poor knowledge of English. In public, the best members of this camp behave like this: they either shut up and don't react at all to trolling or, on the contrary, they get too aggressive, reacting with phrases like "I will tear you to pieces" and the like. They should parry with a subtle joke, but no, they don't. Although there are exceptions, such as Zolotarev, the owner of NAVI, who knows how to respond in such a situation.

Editorial note: That's how we are - "hit hard and accurately," and let the others enjoy the hype, trash, and create the right atmosphere. Is that really our business?

Gabriel Toledo (Fallen) is now a free agent. Looking forward to having him on the new team?

The Fallen sniper and Team Liquid have terminated his contract. The news is largely expected and now free agent Gabriel Toledo will be able to join another team. Plans are leaking online, but there are few specifics.

Recall that the player joined the team in early 2021, he very timely replaced Twistzz, who in turn began playing for FaZe Clan. Toledo's play on the team is ambiguous. On one hand, Team Liquid did not achieve any significant success in tournaments during the season. On the other hand, the team performed well in the finals of BLAST Premier 21, entering the top quartet and defeating the powerful Russian Natus Vincere in the first round. But the decision was made back in November, so the contract was not renewed.

According to some information, Fallen will once again play in the Brazilian team along with Toledo Prass and Fernando Alvarengo, better known as Boltz and Fer. Time will tell.

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