LOL News - fighting game universe, S.U.P.E.R. action, new update

28 Aralık 2021

Riot has demonstrated a fighting game in the League of Legends universe

On the official YouTube channel of Riot Games not so long ago appeared a new fighting game trailer of one of the most popular games at the moment, League of Legends.

At the moment, the game is under development called Project L. The authors have decided to show in the video gameplay the following characters:

1. Darius;

2. Ekko;

3. Jinx; and

4.  Ahri.

The creator says that the game will be as easy to learn as possible, but you need to have the skills to do certain combos. As of now, there is no exact release date yet.

Not long ago, Riot introduced new games in the League of Legends universe. Now in public access for gamers is a turn-based RPG Ruined King, also a rhythm-runner called Hextech Mayhem. Who knows, maybe soon, besides LOL tournaments, there will be others in this universe that will grab our attention.

S.U.P.E.R. action at the end of 2021

The beginning of winter has pleased numerous fans of the cyber sports discipline League of Legends with a new promotion in which players receive all sorts of prizes. It's worth saying that the gifts are really generous and very important.

All that is required to participate is to visit the same tab in the client and buy a special token, the price of which is only 630 RP. The user will then receive a set from the masterpiece chest as well as a key, and there will be a guaranteed gift of one of the 10 samples. Even if there is such a sample, it's not a problem, as one can become the owner of the other 6 sets from the Masterpiece Chests and Keys!

Among the guaranteed samples are:

1. The spirits of the forest of Raikan and Shaya.

2. Moonbeasts Alistair and Annie.

3. The wilted rose Cindra and Talon.

4. Willump, Nanus and Nuna, Samira of the Galaxy Grove.

5. Sion the Black Fever.

It's important to know that under the terms of the current promotion you can't buy more than 10 tokens. But even that is enough for the average user to enjoy. And, of course, if any questions or difficulties arise, every gamer at any time can contact the technical helpdesk to solve their problem or for advice.

Update for LoL 12.1 with a new teleport spell

The all-new patch 12.1 in League of Legends gives insight into what changes and improvements  there will be in the gameplay—what will happen with explosive damage or new seer blossoms and so on.

Some points the developer of the game has revealed in some detail. First of all, it is worth saying that the flowers will still exist, so that the defending team will feel better in the woods.  

And special attention should be paid to the summoner spell Teleport. Now the time to reload will be less than 14 minutes, and as a target you can use exclusively towers. But after 14 minutes the time is reduced and you can choose the same targets that were before the redesign.

In addition, at the beginning of next year, we should expect changes for warrior items, for example:

1. The Trial of Sterak.

2. Dance of Death.

3. Malomortius's Call.

These are the closest updates from the developer. And in the near future we should expect a reduction in explosive damage under certain circumstances. Of course, nothing will be removed completely, but in the early or late stage of the gameplay, when fighting fragile champions, decrease should be expected.

As for runes and items, they make the character almost immortal, so there have already been attempts to solve the problem. But right now the plans are fuzzy and it's not really clear what to expect on this issue. But the company is working in the long term to make a number of improvements. Of course, something in the process will have to be abandoned, but unequivocally the gameplay will be better.

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