How CS: GO Red Bull Flick competitions Work and What to Expect

26 Ekim 2021

Red Bull Flick: a meeting of the best CS:GO teams

At the end of November, the Pro-AM Red Bull Flick Invitational among CS:GO teams will start in Helsinki. And that means that many countries are now hosting championships to choose representatives for the international championship.

Red Bull Flick is a special mod on the well-known FPS. It is held among duos whose task is to keep the control point longer than their opponents on CS:GO maps that have a futuristic landscape.

How exactly do events unfold in this area and how tough is the competition between the teams?

Who won the national stage of the CS:GO tournament in St. Petersburg?

In St. Petersburg, the finals of the National CS:GO tournament - Red Bull Flick. At which viewers made live bets on CS:GO and won, which can be done in the future, because this is where they chose the team that will represent the Russian Federation in the international qualification series, which will be held in Helsinki, Finland.

According to the results of the main match of the tournament, the winner was the team G703, which beat their rivals from the team QtabENTER with a score of 2:1. The organizers of the national tournament awarded the participants of the duo squad with monitors, as well as sets of mice, keyboard and headset. In addition, the winners received a cash prize.

How is the Red Bull Flick competition in Ukraine going?

In Ukraine, the national stage of Red Bull Flick in CS:GO in 2x2 format is also held. The confrontations began back in September - during this time there were five qualifications. For the competition, the organizers have selected a unique set of maps, landscapes and mechanics.

During the tournament, a total of 247 duo teams participated in all qualifications. On October 24, the National Final, in which the top two teams from different qualifications battled it out for the title of winner and main awards:

  • FAMILY from Kharkov - Mogilko "m4ngust" Kirill and Sedykh "t0rETTT0" Danila;

  • 1PUNCHMAN from Lviv - Ulyana Tarasa and Kharitonova "Kharik"

  • ConVeinneR from Krivoy Rog - Vasilets "uJiN" Evgeny and Varenik "ArTan1S-" Dmitry;

  • NA-DEV9TKE from Odessa - Ivan Konovalova "joly" and Dmitry Fasolenko "bobovk1n"

  • SPRAY'N'PRAY - Gordeev "Shara" Alexander (Kyiv) and Poltavchenko "z1" Roman (Mariupol);

  • DAWDAWD - "noiseUp" Dmitry Sikalyuk (Irpen) and Nikolay Antonenko "spaykeRRRR" (Borodyanka);

  • FENLITACH - Yaroslav Kashuk (Konotop) and Valery Rozhko (Voznesensk);

  • ETERNALS - Rudy "rud1xxx" Taras (Khmelnitsky) and Dmitry Tediashvili "NIIFEE3" (Kherson);

  • OG3OD - Alexander Romaniuk (Rivne) and Alexander Baranishin (Vinnitsa);

  • born2flex - Golovko "fix" Ilya (Kyiv) and Marinich "scoobyxie" Alexander (Rivne).


Five custom maps were selected for these matches, the list of which included Wi-nG: 5, Control Room, Sky Platform, as well as Digital Archives and City Palace.

Each of the ten teams competing in the National Finals received official Red Bull Flick merch, and prizes from sponsor Steelseries: 1st through 8th place - a Steelseries Arctis headset, and 9th through 10th places - Steelseries QcK mouse pads.

In addition, there are other awards:

  • 1st place - 50,000 hryvnia - this prize went to the ETERNALS duo squad, which beat the born2flex team 3-1

  • 2nd place - 20 000 hryvnias;

  • 3rd place - 10 000 UAH;

  • 4th place - Steelseries Rival 3 mouse.

What to expect next?

Already on October 30 starts the international closed qualification, which will involve the winners from all countries participating in the Red Bull Flick. The teams who manage to reach the Top 8 will compete for the Title of Champions in the World Final.

From 19 to 21 November in Helsinki will be the long-awaited Pro-AM Red Bull Flick Invitational - these will be the main battles. The finalists will have to meet in the arena with representatives of professional sports teams Cloud9, FURIA, ENCE, BIG, G2 and OG. In the Grand Final, the winner will receive 50,000 euros.

Who will be the champion of Red Bull Flick, we'll see in a month - the organizers promise a live broadcast of the matches on various channels.

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