Enigma Dota 2 Guide. Strategies for success in the game for Enigma.

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30 Aralık 2021

The Enigma: A Strategy for Success in Dota 2

With the Enigma Strategy Guide, every player can turn the tide on a game or even a Dota 2 tournament. This is especially important if this hero is played by an experienced gamer - the quality of teammates is of little importance and it is only necessary that allies do not interfere with his actions and support the chosen strategy. Enigma has everything you need to win: push potential, AOE disable, and fast enough farm.

Enigma is an excellent hardliner and woodsman. And this guide has all the advice you need to succeed in battle.

Character Features

Enigma is a team player. This woodsman has the following basic characteristics:


21 +2.4


14 +1


18 +3.4


24 -30



Movement Speed


Attack Range


Attack animation

0.4 + 0.77

Attack Speed


Missile Speed


Rate of turn


Cast animation

0.3 + 0.51

Enigma's performance gain:


1 lvl

5 lvl

25 lvl


















Advantages and Disadvantages

When choosing a forester such as Enigma, the player should look at its advantages:

- Relevance at any stage of the game;

- the presence of push potential;

- accelerated farming;

- a fairly rapid increase in strength, as well as intelligence;

- presence of reliable armor at the beginning of the game;

- excellent AOE skills;

- the ability to turn the game around;

- deflects excellently;

- effectively bludgeoning the high ground;

- advantage in the first lane.

However, do not ignore the disadvantages - it can protect the weaknesses of the character. These include:

- fairly low starting damage;

- The hero is difficult to master;

- The presence of mana problems;

- A lot of responsibility because of the Black Hole;

- lack of escap.

In addition, Enigma is a team player, who must constantly monitor the enemies and consider what each of them is capable of.

Enigma Skills

Enigma has several skills that are enough to lead a team to victory. Let's take a look at each of them:

MALEFICE - The Enigma has the ability to stun any of his victims every 2 seconds, while gaining a small amount of damage in return. It's recommended to use against opponents who have Blink Dagger but no Escape of their own.


DEMONIC CONVERSION - With this skill a hero can use the killed creeps to create three copies of himself, called Eidolons. If you kill the opposing team's creep, Enigma gains experience as well as gold. After a while Eidolons disappear, however, if at least one of them hits the enemies six times it'll split and regenerate its HP.

The MIDNIGHT PULSE - this talent gives a hero the ability to create something within 550 radius that deprives his opponents of their HP. It is worth noting that the more life the enemy has, the more damage will be dealt.

BLACK HOLE is an ultimate that is deservedly considered one of the best in Dota 2. With it, all enemies within a radius of 420 are instantly enveloped in a funnel. At the same time, opponents are dealt damage. This skill helps to pierce magic immunity, but takes a long time to recharge.>

Order of rolls

To get the most out of all Enigma's abilities, experienced gamers recommend keeping the following sequence.

Initial Purchase

To start fighting the opponents, Enigma or his team should, first of all, buy Animal Courier or Observer Ward Wards. However, players will usually try to get a team together so that they don't have to buy a courier at least at the beginning of the game. Two types of wards are better: Observer Ward to protect farms and allies and Sentry Ward to destroy enemy wards and block neutral creeps.

Also, you can get a Tango - of course, you can do without the health regenerators, but it's more reliable.

At the beginning of the process, you often have to "tank" neutrals for a while to wait for the moment when Eidolons will be created.

It is important to buy Clarity during the initial purchase to increase the effectiveness of the skills. This requirement is due to the fact that the formation of three Eidolons requires a lot of mana, and you need to reach the opportunity to buy Soul Ring.

Many gamers at this stage prefer Sage's Mask, with the help of which they can approach the moment of ring purchase. And the remaining funds are better spent on Iron Branch.

Buying Basic Items

To play Enigma at full strength, you must have four basic items:

Blink Dagger - one of the must-have artifacts in the arsenal of this hero. The reason for its presence is that Enigma is unable to approach the opponent at high speed and is not particularly mobile. Enigma has the advantage of a surprise effect and the ability to get into a skirmish with an ultimatum.

In this case, a Black King Bar is an artifact that can help you avoid the situation where the control effect would knock out the ultimates. It is best used with BCB. In addition, the item boosts health and improves survivability, making the character invulnerable to spells.

In some cases, a Soul Ring is a ring that can be used at the beginning of the game to make sure the hero can use his skills more often. Also, the regen prevents you from being without mana.

Tranquil Boots are trinkets for quick health regeneration and moving between lines at a fairly high speed.

You can refuse to use any of these items if you want, but in this case Enigma will be extremely vulnerable and ineffective.

Situational Artifacts.

In addition to the basic ones, Enigma has artifacts that are meant to be used in certain situations:

Boots of Travel - simple boots for speed;

Arcane Boots - boots to increase maximum mana and the ability to restore it not only to Enigma, but also to his allies;

Linken's Sphere - an artifact to protect against almost all control skills;

Mekansm - increases the survivability of the character and his team members;

Aghanim's Scepter - to increase ultimates damage;

Refresher Orb - one of the best situational artifacts for a hero with powerful triggering skills;

Force Staff - the ability to take allies out of focus of opponents and a variety of traps;

Octarine Core - the ability to reduce skill cooldown time.

Enigma's Enemies and Allies

The gamer playing as Enigma needs to figure out very carefully which of the other heroes are opponents and which are allies.

Enigma counterpicks include:

- Invisors - Clinkz and Riki;

- characters with Silence - Death Prophet, Draw Ranger, and Silencer;

- Characters with increased attack ranged - Enchantress and Sniper;

- Characters with increased survivability, but with low hep - Wraith King, Abaddon and Medusa.

Enigma, in turn, counteracts during the game:

- heroes with skills that provide magical immunity - Omnic and Gulu;

- Illusionists - don't take Phantom Lancer, Chaos Knight and Meepo;

- Milesmen, as well as characters with a small attack rank, such as Centaur, Razor, Huskar and others.

When choosing allies you should pay attention to the heroes with whom Enigma can form the strongest ties:



Skywrath Mage;

Earth Shaker;





Crystal Maiden;

Sand King;


Features of playing as Enigma

Before the game you should memorize or key the necessary keys, because during the game, it is hard to accurately and quickly manipulate the available skills and artifacts.


When in the woods you need to farm Eidolons, which appear in place of the eliminated creep - they should be immediately removed to the side. At the same time you need to stack neutrals to speed up the farm, as well as place protective wards and collect runes.


While in the hard to run into creeps and stop them. When approaching your T1 tower, you must be sure to eat the rending creep to ensure the line flush in any direction. Experienced gamers advise not to feed with Eidolons and avoid auto-attacks on the opposing team's creeps - it's better to just gank a little. When the second wave of creeps appears, it is also worth it to eat a rendge, so as to deprive the enemy carry of a large enough amount of gore and experience.

If you do this, the line will skip right up to Enigma Tavera. There you can block the neutral's spawns.

Mid Game.

Mid-game is usually to forage for artifacts such as BKB and Blink Dagger in order to fully implement the Black Hole skill. At this point you should also use the wolf.

In this phase, it is worth taking a position between the trees, where it is convenient to deal with enemies and create Eidolons.

If there's an enemy snapper with a disability in sight, it's a good idea to attack him first. That way Enigma gets the disable in no time. A similar tactic is used when a player has a BCB on the condition that the enemy team has a Bane - in that case you should wait until the opponents are clumped together, and then roll immediately.

Leit Game.

Enigma's leitmanship is fairly straightforward - if she has a pulp, she should keep on fighting, and if she doesn't, she should just bludgeon.

In conclusion, Enigma is quite difficult to control, so you need to use the wolt properly. Despite the fact that it is a team player, the hero can reach the 25th level and empty the throne of enemies by himself.

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