New ESL Pro League season, all the changes and what to expect

22 Ekim 2021

ESL Pro League continues to conquer new heights

ESL Pro League (EPL) decided to share its plans for the future, which will be implemented as part of the ESL Pro Tour (EPT). All innovations have been carefully thought out by experts and are aimed at making the process as easy as possible for each team. Below is a detailed look at the changes to be expected during the ESL Pro Tour.

What should players expect?

When organizing the EPT, the ESL Pro League decided to make a number of changes to the course of the event:

  • ESL Season 15 will begin on 11/23/2021 - they plan to make it a transitional season;
  • Instead of 24 teams in ESL Pro League now can take part 34 teams;
  • There will be an additional stage in the competition - the EPL Conference;
  • competitions will be reclassified from the EPT Challenger level to the ESL Pro League.

New ESL Pro League features

The ESL Pro League team has set its sights on making it easier for teams to advance during the ESL Pro Tour. Very soon, the EPL plans to become the organizer of all EPT Challenger tournaments. Thanks to a thorough analysis and evaluation of the innovations, it was decided to extend the competition by one week to facilitate the introduction of changes to the ESL Pro League. Just during it an additional stage - EPL Conference - will take place.

According to the current regulations, 16 teams will take part in the EPL only if they are awarded a prize in one of the EPT Challenger competitions:

  • ESL National Championship;
  • ESL Challenger (DH Open);
  • ESL Challenger League (ESEA Premier).

What does the new competition league structure look like?

After the changes in the regulations of these competitions, their duration will be 6 weeks:

  • Week 1 will be reserved for conferences;
  • From week 2 to 5 there will be a group stage;
  • During Week 6, the organizers will hold the playoffs.

The new 15th season will see 34 teams competing not only for a prize pool of $850,000, but also for extra EPT points.

EPT Challenger teams in the APL are the new EPT target

All changes to the ESL Pro League were planned in order to simplify the system for promoting teams in the EPT system and to make this structure as clear as possible to players. Thanks to them, every team that wants to compete in the ESL Pro League needs to win the EPT Challenger.

EPL organizers inform that the announced innovations will allow for the distribution of EPL S15 slots on the merits of all teams that have already obtained the desired victory, as well as athletes playing for the promotion at the EPT Masters competitions. Thus, for participation in the ESL Pro League in the future can count on:

  • DHO winners who have not yet been promoted to the EPT Masters, but have already been able to advance;
  • ESEA Premier S38 teams that are currently competing in the EPL group stage to advance in the system;
  • ESL National Championship teams, who will then advance to the NC: Global Playoff (in the future, the NC: Global Playoff will be replaced by the EPL Conference).

The organizers expect that the structural changes they have made to the ESPL and EPT will allow many worthy teams to advance. In addition, the ESL Pro Tour will feature many elite Counter-Strike tournaments. One of the most notable of these will be the Intel® Extreme Masters: Fall 2021.

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