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Dota 2
30 Kasım 2021

Dota 2: Latest news, bugs and changes in patch 7.30e

Over the past few days, the world of Dota 2 has been shaken by several news that will certainly affect the overall situation in the universe created around this computer game. Dota 2 tournaments will also be affected. Here are the most important events interesting for every Dota 2 fan.

Unexpected bug: Where was the bug hiding?

One Reddit user, playing Dota 2, quite by accident revealed a bug related to the automatic activation of Bottle and the time during which the rune should be stored in it. It turned out that after patch 7.30e, the storage time remained the same. 

This bug in the patch causes Bottle to not automatically activate after 1.5 minutes, regardless of which rune was selected or the number of charges. As before the new update in the game, this period takes 2 minutes, while the developer has stated to reduce the storage time of runes in Bottle. In addition, the patch 7.30e included several balance edits, which relate to different heroes, as well as items for them. 

It is worth noting that earlier Dota 2 users have already found bugs: there was a problem with recording the progress of various relics Dota Plus in Marci. It turned out that because of the flaw, information about three of the four rare relics was not saved. 

""Knight'' is the most common title in Dota 2.


电竞GO published statistics based on data from 7.9 million calibrated accounts. According to the results, the most common rank in the game Dota 2 is "Knight" - at this level is 1.75 million players. At the same distribution by the stars is observed approximately the same - the most number of gamers counted at the level of "Knight-1" - 357.2 thousand.

In addition, there has been a calculation of the number of users and other ranks. So, Dota 2 has 9.7 thousand players of the Recruit-1 rank - it is the least. But at the level of "Recruit-2" their number reaches 297 thousand. The title "Titan" now has 85.3 thousand people. Approximately the same number in total are the users of such ranks as "Lord-4", "Lord-5", "Deity-1" and "Deity-2". But from the level of "Deity-3" the number of users drops to 25.7 thousand. 

Also, in the same way, note that another 68.3 million other accounts have not been calibrated. But the European ranking of leaders in Dota 2 is headed by Ilya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk, who managed to reach the game mark of 12,000 MMR.

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