Dota 2: Latest News, Previews of the New Tournament, New Player Rewards

Dota 2
9 Aralık 2021

Dota 2: News for gamers and fan

During the first few days of December 2021 in the world of Dota 2 there were a lot of events concerning the game itself and the Dota 2 tournament. Let's look at the most interesting of them.

Mars - a bug or a feature?

One Dota 2 player, with a nickname Redthrist, complained about a new bug on Mars that prevented his team from winning a ranked match. The problem was discovered when the opposing team used a bunch of Mars+Io+Pudge to destroy buildings using Bulwark.

The bug is that when Mars puts Bulwark on his own base, Io automatically connects to it by pressing Relocate on the other team's base. As a result, it was as if Pudge "ate" Mars, and at the same time Io was in opposing territory with Bulwark-activated warriors. And thanks to two Divine Rapier on the same Mars, it turned out to be possible to smash enemy structures quickly and without risk to kor characters.

Commenting on this discovery, reddit users suggested that the combination should not work this way and called on the development company to fix the bug. It is worth noting that some players have even called for professional teams to use this combination in different tournaments - perhaps so Valve would rather solve the problem.

Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 6 Tournament Preview

The official tournament organizer Epic Esports Events organized Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 6 tournament with the support of the Computer Sports Federation of Russia. It started on the 6th of December and will run for six days - until the 11th of December inclusive.

Matches are held online. Eleven teams participate in the tournament - two of them have passed through the opening qualification, and nine teams were invited by the organizers:

- HellRaisers;

- Entity Gaming;

- Hydra;

- Brame;

- CIS Rejects;

- Nemiga Gaming;

- Team Empire;

- Fantastic Five;

- X3;

- V-Gaming;

- IVY.

Last season's finalist and champion of the tournament this time started competing right from the group stage, while the rest have to play in the group stage.

The group stage of the tournament will be held in a best-of-3 format. The top four teams qualify for the playoffs, while the teams ranked 5-10 fall into the bottom group. In this case, the participants in the last position will be forced to leave the competition.

As in previous Dota 2 Champions League seasons, the championship prize pool is $50,000. The winner will receive half of this amount.

Khan disbanded the team

One of the most famous eSports clubs Khan disbanded team on Dota 2. At the same time, the reasons for disbanding are not reported.

On November 23, from the roster eliminated athletes with nicknames Pickachu, pJonn, inawe - they represented the team at the Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 5. Their places were taken by the players mannik, LastHero- and eine. The new squad took part in the Dota Pro Circuit 2021/2022 open qualification for the CIS countries, but did not get a slot in the second division of the league.

Perhaps this decision by Khan was the reason why Epic Esports Events did not register the team for Dota 2 Champions League 2021 Season 6.

DPC participant bundles - new incentive for Dota 2 players and fans

On Dec. 6, Valve made bronze, silver and gold bundles available to fans of Dota 2 teams. These are three sets that contain different items depending on the level. The cost of the sets differs from region to region. However, right now fans can use them to support their favorite team - 50% of the amount will be transferred directly to the teams. The action will be available until March 1, after which the bundles purchased by fans will be unavailable and membership in support clubs will be automatically canceled.

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