Current news on League of Legends - new stage in LoL, "Gifts of the Golden Lantern"

9 Şubat 2022

Breaking news on League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most popular computer games. That's why players in the professional arena, spectators who bet on LoL, and just fans have to follow the news every day to keep up to date with current events.

New season in LoL - Riot Games started 2022 with a special scope

Fans of League of Legends are excited about how the new season in this game has started. After all, in the first days of 2022, the studio presented an epic cinematic, in which familiar characters participate in battles in different locations. In addition, the company plans to release three new characters:

1.    Champion Zeri - Spark Zauna - this heroine specializes in ranged combat.

2. dark support spellcaster - a certain boss endowed with the ability to support and heal various champions, as well as destroy opponents.

3.    Terrifying Woodsman - it is known that this character will have a very intimidating appearance, but the developer is still hiding the details.

In addition to heroes, the experts added more tests and changed the system a little, increasing the amount of gold received for destroying objects and destroying mobs, and making support for the lagging team.

It is also known that the studio intends to radically change the mythic images and the appearance of a number of heroes, and tweak the cosmetic content LoL. Fans can now vote for themselves for the character that will be improved in the near future.

01/14 Preseason - New Stages in LoL

A designer on Phroxzon's Calling Gorge team shared the results of Preseason 14.01, telling us exactly what is planned to change in the game in early 2022:

1. The results of the previous season showed that gamers were well received by the hextech dragon, as opposed to the chemtrack map. To solve the cloaking problem and increase the potential of the chemtrack Ravine, patch 12.1 added several shades of seer to defensive positions. But in update 12.2, the mechanics will be slightly changed so that players don't have to worry about losing combat power to their characters when they get into the Gorge.

2.    Improved the mechanics of the system of bonuses for objects - the experts stabilized it. Now, if the winning team plays better, it simply will not allow the enemies to approach the objects, and if the tactics of the lagging team is better - players will be able to use the bonuses as a springboard to promptly return to the game.

3.    In patch 12.2 the developer has made the rune more scalable, improved the properties of the ice growth and the blow ahead, opening up new styles of combat.

4.    Thanks to update 12.1, Teleport will not greatly affect the outcome of early skirmishes.

Riot Games intends to continue to improve characters and items by listening to player feedback.

"Gifts of the Golden Lantern."

At Moon Legends Celebration, one of the events will be "Gifts of the Golden Lantern" - it will launch on Jan. 20 and run through the end of Cycle 12.3.

During it, players will look for various gifts for tacticians to solve all sorts of puzzles and turn on lanterns. You can get started after receiving a special invitation from the platypus, which you simply have to log into the game to accept.

After getting to know the other tacticians, the player must complete a number of in-game tasks of varying difficulty levels, accumulating gifts. You also need to help the tacticians, who are sure to generously thank their helpers.

Rewards for participating in the event include:

- 1 holiday clapper;

- 1 Egg of the Year 2021;

- 1 Year of the Tiger Egg;

- 180 star shards;

- the emotion of "Do you like my stripes?".

As we can see, Riot Games intends to actively hold various events this year, so that every gamer gets the most out of the game.

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