CS:GO Tournament Wrap-Up, News from REPUBLEAGUE

12 Kasım 2021

CS:GO - A World Full of Competitions

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular disciplines in Esports. Regional tournaments and international championships regularly take place, revealing new winners to the gaming world. The PGL Stockholm Major 2021 Grand Final, REPUBLEAGUE Season 2 and DreamHack Open November 2021 were big events this November.

How did the PGL Stockholm Major 2021 tournament end?

The Grand Final of the international PGL Stockholm Major 2021 tournament was held in Stockholm on the evening of November 7. This is one of the most important events for the players and fans of the popular computer game Counter Strike: Global Offensive. During it, luck smiled on the team NAVI from Ukraine, which managed to beat their rivals from France G2 Esports with a score of 2-0. The winners of the tournament not only won the title of champions, but also the prize of $ 1 million. But the team G2 Esports, which won the silver medal, won 300 thousand dollars. Viewers also won by betting on CS:GO, because at LOOT.BET you can not only watch the competition, but also make money.

How did events unfold for the NAVI and G2 Esports players as the championship progressed?

Immediately after qualifying for several RMR Championships, both teams made it to the Legends stage. During the battles to advance to the PGL Stockholm Major 2021 playoffs, each of them did not lose to their opponents in any of the matches and went 3-0. It is worth noting that the players from Ukraine managed to win each of the tournament maps - they destroyed Team Vitality in ¼ of the championship, and in ½ of Gambit Esports. And G2 Esports in turn left behind rivals Heroic and Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The finalists of the tournament began their struggle on cards Nuke, selected by Navi, and Ancient, which was preferred by members of G2 Esports. In this case, the decisive third map was supposed to be Mirage, but the rivals did not reach it.

On the first card NAVI took the lead with a score of 11:16. But for the main 30 rounds of the second map, it was not possible to determine the outcome of the match, so there were two series of overtimes - their result was the score 22:19 in favor of the representatives of Ukraine.

Apart from the winning team, PGL Stockholm Major 2021 decided the best Counter Strike: Global Offensive player. This was the sniper from NAVI - Alexander "S1mple" Kostylev, on account of which there were 71 kills during the main match. With this result, his rating was 1.47.

What is going on in the DreamHack Open November 2021 arena?

The DreamHack Open November 2021 competition is also not without its bloody battles. The last two matches were won by ForZe and Fnatic - now they will face each other on November 12.


The ForZe squad defeated Team Spirit in Group B by a score of 2-0. Team Viktor Orudzhev got 7-8th place and a reward of $ 2,000. And Fnatic beat ENCE - the score was 2:0. At the same time in Group A BIG team made the playoffs, knocking out MAD Lions. Also there was the MOUZ team that defeated GamerLegion.


The latest news from REPUBLEAGUE Season 2

REPUBLEAGUE Season 2 tournament takes place among CS:GO teams from September 20 to November 20 online. In the 1/8 finals of the REPUBLEAGUE Season 2 tournament, the Turkish team Eternal Fire won, beating Virtus.pro 2:1 (16:19 on Inferno, 16:13 on Overpass and 14:16 on Dust2). As a result, Jame Ali's team ended up only in 9th-16th place and lost their prize money.


The prize pool for these competitions is $115,000. And the battle for it becomes even more intense, because now Eternal Fire, which, according to analysts, won quite by accident, will have to fight with Lyngby Vikings, who left 00Nation behind with a score of 2-1. Very soon we will know the new winners in the world of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.


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