CS:GO - PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Tournament

12 Ekim 2021

PGL Major Stockholm 2021: All about the most anticipated event among Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans

The year 2021 was not a very high frequency of championship among the athletes who specialize on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive discipline. Therefore, PGL Major Stockholm 2021 tournament is one of the most anticipated events. It will be held in Stockholm at the Aviches Arena from October 26 to November 7.

The organizer of this event was the company PGL, which for the first time decided to cover the event in 4K quality at 60 FPS. According to confirmed information, 24 teams from different countries will participate in the tournament - they will compete not only for the title of world champions, but also quite an impressive award, because the prize fund of the tournament is $ 2,000,000. Thanks to LOOT.BET viewers not only have the opportunity to watch and cheer for their favorite team, but also to earn money by betting in live cs go.

Who will be the participants of the tournament?

The PGL Major Stockholm 2021 will be contested by 24 teams from different regions who managed to earn the most points at regional tournaments during the RMR season. This CS:GO main event will feature 11 teams from Europe, five from the CIS, five from North America, and one each from Asia, Oceania and South America.

The following teams will perform in the status of legends:

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas;
  • Team Vitality;
  • G2 Esports;
  • Team Liquid;
  • FURIA Esports;
  • Natus Vincere.

The companies playing in Challenger status will be:

  • Astralis;
  • ENCE eSports;
  • Berlin International;
  • Movistar Riders;
  • Heroic;
  • mousesports.

The companies competing under Challenger status will be:

  • Copenhagen Flames;
  • FaZe Clan;
  • Virtus.pro;
  • Entropiq;
  • Sharks Esports;
  • TyLoo;
  • Renegades.

Counter-Strike card pool at the tournament

In the PGL Major Stockholm 2021, the organizer has decided to replace the "Train" map, which was previously used in tournaments, with "Ancient". As a result of the changes, the list of seven maps, where the teams will fight, has the following picture:

  • "Ancient";
  • "Dust II";
  • "Vertigo";
  • "Mirage";
  • "Nuke";
  • "Overpass";
  • "Inferno."

Format of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021

This CS:GO tournament will be held in three stages: The New Challengers Stage and The New Legends Stage Swiss group stage and The New Champions Stage Single-Elimination play-off.

The New Challengers Stage, using the Swiss system, will be held from October 26 to 29. There are 16 teams registered for the Stage. The Promotion and Relegation matches will be played in Bø3 format and the rest in Bø1 format. At the end of this phase, only the 8 teams with the most ranking points will go on to win the tournament.

The second stage, called The New Legends Stage, will take place from October 30 to November 2. During it, the arena will enter 16 teams that will play according to the Swiss system: there will be promotion and elimination matches in the format B3 and the remaining matches - B1. On points will remain only the top 8 teams.

The final stage of the tournament - The New Champions Stage - will be held from November 4 to 7. Participating teams will compete under the Single-Elimination system: all matches will be played by the organizer in the Boo3 format.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 tournament will be held in Stockholm, Sweden. And one of the biggest prize funds - $2 000 000. This amount will be divided between all participants, depending on the place occupied by them in the standings. Additionally, ESL Pro Tour and BLAST Premier points will be drawn between the teams.

The PGL organizer made sure that every fan of the computer game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would be able to follow the course of events. For this purpose, the spectators will be admitted to Avice Arena, and everyone will be able to watch the tournament via video broadcast - it will be held in 4K format at 60 FPS on the official channels on Twitch and in the CS:GO client.

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