ESL Pro League Season 15: What's Happening in the CS:GO Arena

26 Kasım 2021

ESL Pro League Conference Season 15: What's happening in the CS:GO arena?

ESL Pro League Conference Season 15 kicked off on November 23 and will run through November 28. It's online and gives teams an opportunity to be a part of ESL Pro League Season 15, the championship that will take place in the spring of 2022. 

Three days into one of Europe's most popular tournaments, how are things shaping up for CS:GO players?

What rewards await the participants?

ESL Pro League Season 15 Conference Stage is a kind of qualifier for ESL Pro League Season 15. Accordingly, participants compete not only for cash prizes, but also for invitations to EPL #15. However, only the top three teams will receive invites, but what awaits the rest?

The total prize pool for this tournament is $27,000 and the organizers decided to distribute all the prizes in the following way:

- 1st place in the top draw - an invitation to the 15th season of the EPL tournament;

- The 2nd place in the top grid - the invitation to the 15th season of the EPL tournament;

- 3 place in the bottom grid - invitation to the 15th season of EPL tournament;

- 4th place - $5,000 and 60 points to EPL rating;

- 5th-6th places - $3,500 and 45 points to EPL rankings;

- 7th-8th places - $2,500 and 30 points to EPL rating;

- Places 9-12 - $1,500 and 15 points toward the EPL rating;

- 13-16 places - $1,000 each. 

According to the results of the matches that took place from November 23 to 25, the teams eliminated from the competition took the following places in the standings:

- 9th place - Renegades;

- 10th place - ORDER;

- 11th place - Sharks;

- 12th place - EndPoint;

- 13th place - RBG;

- 14th place - Wisla Krakow;

- 15th place - Team Renewal;

- 16th place - eClub Brugge.

As to how the first eight places in the playoffs and grand final will be distributed, we will know by the end of this week. In addition, viewers can bet on CS:GO and also win decent amounts with LOOT.BET.

What's planned for November 26?

There will be two Conference EPL games on November 26. 

First, at the arena, the Eternal Fire team will face LDLC. It should be noted that after the Turkish team has included xfl0ud instead of ISSAA, its position has improved considerably. On the other hand, the statistics of the French team shows a slight pullback after the summer season, so the competition promises to be very tense. 

The second match of the day will be between the teams MAD Lions and Extra Salt. Both teams are quite strong, so it is difficult to predict the result of the game.

Matches of November 27

On November 27, the organizers of the European CS:GO tournament have scheduled three matches. However, so far we only know that the first team to play will be GODSENT and Movistar Riders. Which teams will play in the next two games will be clear only by the results of this match, as well as the competition, which will be held on November 26.

And on November 28 will be the grand final of the tournament. That's when we'll find out which of the participants will get the title of the new European champion. 

Every ESL Pro League Conference Season 15 match will be broadcasted on Twitch platform. Therefore, every CS:GO fan has the opportunity to join the events at any time to cheer on their favorites.

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