CS:GO News - new map based on "Squid Game", Best Player 2021

27 Aralık 2021

CS:GO News

Over the past few years the popularity of the multiplayer game CS:GO has increased significantly. Therefore, professional players and fans have to constantly follow the news about updates and tournaments on CS:GO, because in this virtual world, almost every day there are interesting events.

Here are the latest news regarding CS:GO.

"Squid Games" in the new CS:GO map

A player with the nickname Ansimist together with several fans of this game created a new map for CS:GO based on a series that is rapidly gaining popularity—"Squid Game". According to the rules, users need to pass various tests, trying to survive during the tasks.

The presented map in CS:GO is designed for 64 people. Six challenges await them, which the developers carried over from the "Squid Game":

- "Red Light, Green Light" - you have to cross a field where deadly danger awaits at every step;

- "Cookies" - you need to cut different shapes from the offered sweets;

- "Balls" - it is necessary to make a bet and at the same time to guess what the opponent has riddled;

- "Tug of War" - here the team must try to pull the rope from the opponents and at the same time not to fall off the cliff;

- "Glass Classics" - one should cross a bridge with tempered glass on it;

- "Game NOT of Squid" - this is the final stage, during which players engage in a stabbing match until there is only one winner left.

This experiment appealed even to those who didn't watch the series, so maybe Valve will soon have other similar innovations.

S1mple is the best player of 2021

The Respawn podcast summed up the CS:GO tournaments, which were so rich in 2021, and named the best player - it was a sniper from the NAVI team—Alexander "S1mple" Kostylev. In addition, there were chosen winners in other categories.

Top 3 CS:GO players of the year 2021:

- Alexander "S1mple" Kostylev;

- Nikola "NiKo" Kovacs;

- Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaugh.

Top three teams:


- Gambit;

- G2.

The top three tournaments:

- PGL Major Stockholm;

- BLAST Premier: Fall Finals;

- IEM Katowice 2021.

The podcast also selected winners in several other categories:

- Breakthrough 2021 - Valery "B1t" Wachowski;

- the main event of the year - CIS Domination;

- the main replacement of the year 2021 - Nikolay "Device" Ridtz;

- Clutch of the Year 2021 - Ace Ismail "Refrezh" Ali in an ESL Pro League Season 14 match.

The winners were chosen based on votes from listeners of the Respawn podcast.

New Service Medal from CS:GO

On the eve of December 28, developer Valve added a special service medal to CS:GO - players will receive it on January 1, 2022. According to the rules, to earn this award, you must raise the 40th rank profile in the game. This is only possible if the gamer takes part in a matchmaking, which is held on the official servers of Valve.

What does the Service Medal come with? It, like other awards, can be placed with your avatar on your profile.

Continuation of Operation "Riptide" 

December 29 began the fifteenth week of the famous Operation "Riptide" in CS:GO. As part of it, players can take part in a new mission - "Barrier Reef." It involves completing four missions in different modes: "Normal", "Guardian", "Partners," and "Arms Race. You can get a maximum of six stars for this.

"Barrier Reef" includes the following activities:

- you must defeat the enemy in 21 rounds or defeat one of the games that take place in "Partners" mode on the map Ravine - for this you can get 3 stars;

- the "Current Events" quest involves committing at least one murder with heavy weapons on the Extraction map in "Guardian" mode - this is awarded 2 stars;

- the "Endangered Species" quest requires making 30 kills or destroying the opponent's leader during the game in the "Arms Race" mode - you can earn 1 star;

- the "Shark Elimination Policy" mission requires you to do 2500 damage or 1000 damage in a single game in "Normal" mode on the map from the "Freeing of Hostages" group - you can earn 2 stars here.

It is worth recalling that this is the penultimate week of Operation "Riptide" . Therefore, players will soon be able to access rewards from the premium pass category.

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