Valve has prepared Patch 7.30d for Dota 2

Dota 2
1 Ekim 2021

Dota2 Patch 7.30d: What update did Valve prepare for fans?

September 26, 2021 the world saw the last update for the popular computer game Dota 2 - Valve  introduced 7.30d patch. Players will be able to get even more enjoyment from the process and not waste time overcoming the various obstacles associated with technical flaws. The patch had an impact on eSports, so it became more interesting to do live betting, Dota 2 is changing and improving, and players are adapting to the innovations.
Patch 7.30d was created specifically to make a number of adjustments to the balance of the game, which has previously been lacking gamers around the world. This time the developers have tried to fix the characteristics of Defense Matrix abilities and update the previously made description Overwhelming Blink. In addition, significant changes to several neutral artifacts, as well as more than thirty characters, among which should be noted Dawnbreaker, Clinkz and Broodmother.
So what will the gamers get exactly thanks to the developer's innovations?

Changes in the technical balance and characters Dota 2

Valve’s company experts this time tried very hard to improve the technical indicators of Dota 2. Therefore, gamers will be able to appreciate the following changes:

  • Tinker's blocked damage from Defense Matrix is now 100/180/240/320;
  • Naga Siren's Mirror Image cooldown time – 40/35/30/25;
  • Timbersaw's Second Chakram damage has improved to 110/155/200;
  • Overwhelming Blink's base level value has been corrected from 200 to 100.

These balance adjustments allow players to significantly speed up when overcoming various obstacles. However, the developers did not stop at partial changes and provided gamers with a number of characters with improved characteristics for testing.
The following updates can be noted in this aspect:

  • Bane's recovery time is 17/15/13/11;
  • Batrider's base damage has been reduced by 2;
  • Beastmaster's Aghanim's Shard now has a 7-sec cooldown reduction;
  • Bristleback's stack effect duration increased to 16/18/20;
  • Broodmother character's charge count is now 4/6/8/10 and damage increased to 260/340/420;
  • Clinkz has attack damage increased to 65%, and the talent at level 20 is improved to +3 Burning Barrage arrows;
  • Base armor of Dazzle and Clockwerk characters improved by 1;
  • Gyrocopter's manacost increased to 50/60/70/80.

In addition to the above  Dota 2  characters and many others have undergone changes also. Therefore, almost every gamer will be able to evaluate the new skills of their favorite characters, testing them in battles on various grounds.
In addition, the bonuses  has changed – for example, for every 10% of the target's health, the player will now get 8 points instead of 7. All 7.30d updates are already available and, perhaps, very soon Valve will release even more sophisticated skills, giving gamers more options.

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