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Everyone's favorite shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive keeps gamers of different generations around. Counter-Strike first appeared as a mod for the game Half-Life in 1999. Its balance and excitement to win simply fascinated the players, and already in 2003 the legendary version 1.6 appeared. It popularized the discipline and attracted a huge number of new big investors in esports in their direction. Valve couldn't help but notice such a gem and released Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which helped to significantly rejuvenate the average age of the player. The influx of new talent generated a high level of competition among the esports teams. The number of different tournaments around the world began to grow, and professional players began to take larger and larger prize pools. To this day, tournaments of varying scales take place every month around the world. But wherever there is excitement, there is bound to be a bookie. Some were too greedy or dishonest, but there were also high odds, a nice and clear interface, bonuses for customers, as well as quick withdrawal of winnings. Historically, the leader on all merits was LOOT.BET, which not only helps successful analysts and lucky devils make good money, but also supports the industry by sponsoring esports teams and hosting their own tournaments, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Every tournament is your chance to make money!

If you look at the CS:GO tournament schedule right now, you can see half a year in advance of the announced events, and a dozen or more meetings per month for prize money can take place. The good thing about esports is that events can be generated based on the mood of the organizers. More often than not, esports players don't even have to leave their own homes to take part, as online tournaments and the ability to broadcast to viewers make it easier for the industry to grow. Some are happy to watch their favorite team's level of play, while others are willing to make money from it. LOOT.BET's high odds will help those who have the ability to recognize a favorite among the list of participants, and the availability of a huge selection among events may surprise, because whatever the scale of the CS:GO tournament, it will certainly appear on the bookmaker's expanses. Betting on CS:GO tournaments with LOOT.BET gives you a special pleasure, because now you do not have to imagine yourself the captain of a spaceship and everything is intuitive, even after a mug of foam it is impossible to miss.

Earn money on CS:GO tournaments

Almost every tournament features familiar brands of esports teams. If you start looking into it, it's not that difficult to predict the outcome of the encounter, because the same players meet each other with enviable frequency. And then there are those professional esports players who stream, which means you can take into account in addition the psycho-emotional state of both the individual player and the entire team. Each analyst has his own approach to predicting the outcome of the meeting, but the methods mostly work. But even if you do not always get the right bet, that's okay, the high odds LOOT.BET will help boost your balance even from the ridiculous figures at the start. In addition, the user-friendly interface can easily be adapted to any smartphone, which makes it possible to bet online on CS:GO tournaments from anywhere in the world and during any activity. The abundance of events will allow you to bet on Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament even locally for any region, which means that the chance of a downtime balance is close to zero and funds will multiply on it hourly. Place your bets with LOOT.BET and make big plans for the future!