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With enviable frequency there are fans of competitive online games, and where there is competition, there is sport. But what sport is without excitement and a fan base of professional teams? For those who follow the situation in ersports, winning your favorite team can bring not only an emotional splash, but also encouragement financially. However, it is not so important to be able to spot the favorites, but to choose the right bookmaker with high odds, fast withdrawals, and a user-friendly interface. LOOT.BET has all of these advantages.

Over 10 online betting tournaments

At LOOT.BET you will find esports tournaments in disciplines such as CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, StarCraft 2, Valorant, Overwatch, King of Glory, Call of Duty and many other competitive games.
While fans are betting for their favorite team, cool heads are making money, because the high odds on LOOT.BET allows you to increase your deposit. Let's remember which esports tournaments you shouldn't miss.

THE INTERNATIONAL on the discipline Dota 2. The tournament features the best players who have gone through smaller events, which will allow attentive fans to make the right predictions and pull out high odds on LOOT.BET.

FORTNITE WORLD CUP FINALS is a Fortnite discipline renowned for its spectacular visuals, as well as representing the youngest esports players who can, overnight, change their lives and the lives of those who bet on them.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP for League of Legends is always a colorful show. Fans of the game are happy to look at the inventions of esportsmen and are ready, for the sake of excitement, to add more than some penny to the coefficient.

The PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS discipline also has its own championship, PUBG GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Spectacles in this discipline can make both athletes and fans fool around, who have made confident bets on their favorite teams.

Overwatch discipline gathers sports teams around itself in the OVERWATCH LEAGUE championship. The tension in the arena and the spectacularity of the event will not make you regret the time spent.

The SIX INVITATIONAL Rainbow Six Siege tournament impresses with its prize pools, and the tension at meetings of professional teams paired with a bet will make anyone get up from a chair closer to the monitor.

Bigger and anticipated is the SMITE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP by SMITE, which attracts many professional esports players.
Few people have heard, but the discipline of Halo 5: Guardians also has its own championship

HALO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. This shooter is not so popular, but it also has its own stars that will help you earn extra pennies on bets.
Little known but no less spectacular Arena of Valor has its own HONOR championship

OF KINGS WORLD CHAMPION CUP. The prize fund of the tournament makes esportsmen sweat and show a beautiful game.

CWL CHAMPIONSHIP for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 tournament. Action, explosions, professional players and large prize pools will give the audience an adrenaline rush, and the presence of a bet will give a special ecstasy if the chosen esports team wins.

The opportunity to place bets on esports tournament of various scale and event saturation will help both esportsmen and their fans earn money. Place your bets on esports tournaments with LOOT.BET and reach new financial heights.

LOOT.BET is your opportunity to make money on bets

Betting on esports tournaments and winning all the time based on your luck is a big myth. Analyzing esport events is not an easy task, but as all professional bettors are constantly in tournaments, analyzing their games is not difficult for the trained eye. LOOT.BET allows esports analysts to quickly build up their balance with high odds. Its user-friendly interface will help beginners to make the right bets. A huge selection of esports disciplines and events of different sizes will give you the opportunity to be online every day and every hour. Earn with LOOT.BET and make only winning bets!