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When Starcraft 2 came out, it solidified its predecessor’s grip on the world of esports. Numerous tournaments and big-name sponsors helped promote Starcraft across the large and developing field of esports.

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The franchise has been around for more than 20 years, and betting on it has always been popular. The series has an established base of fans and experts who have learned to make a living from watching and commenting on the scene.

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Starcraft 2 is a space real-time strategy from Blizzard Entertainment. You build out a base, produce units, expand your territory, tap resources and, of corse, wage war on the other players. The gameplay is practically unchanged from the first title, which made huge waves in 1998. Players need to understand the strengths and weakness of their chosen race: Zerg, Terrans or Protoss.

The sequel came out in 2010, took over the esports niche of the first Starcraft and proceeded to be played at big tournaments with prizes of up to 200,000 dollars. Add-ons helped balance out the gameplay to keep Starcraft 2 competitive. Even though the game can be played in 2x2 teams and by even larger groups, the most popular esports mode is mano-a-mano. This is just fine as far as bettors are concerned, they can always judge the abilities of the players and, wagering on the best, turn a profit.



Starcraft 2 FAQ

How do I bet on Starcraft 2?

Betting on Starcraft 2 is the same as betting on traditional sports, many of the bets you can place work exactly the same way as in traditional sports. Choose from money-line bets, accumulators, outrights and other familiar bet types and start earning real money.

Does Lootbet offer bonuses?

Yes. Lootbet offers unique bonuses on multiple bets. Follow our promos

Is It Legal to Bet on StarCraft II?

It depends on where you live. Each country has its own online gambling laws. The best practice here is to check with your country’s gambling authorities.

Can I bet on SC2 with cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can bet with: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash.