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The time of big tournaments and events for the first Starcraft game is already past, but Starcraft 2 reigns in its place. The game's long history and large competitive scene make betting on Starcraft matches more comfortable for many players than wagering on other esports.

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Betting has always been and remains a part of competition, in sports and in esports. On our website you can bet real money on news-making Starcraft events and benefit from your favorite teams’ success.

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Starcraft is a space real-time strategy from Blizzard Entertainment. You build out a base, produce units, expand your territory, tap resources and, of corse, make war on the other players. The playable races include Zerg, Terrans and Protoss.

Starcraft 2 is the sequel to the trailblazing first Starcraft. It brings more mechanics, units and far superior graphics as well as, by now, three sizeable add-ons with expanded plots and balance tweaks. They have helped improve the game's esports appeal. The first Starcraft literally skyrocketed to the videogame genre's celestial hall of fame in 1998, with more than three million boxed games sold!