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Smite is a MOBA which, unlike Dota 2 with its user-generated characters and HotS where players can choose from among well-known personages of Blizzard franchises, offers a chance to play as figures from Greek, Norse, Egyptian and other mythologies.

Earn real money

MOBA is a special genre, because every new addition to it becomes a esport. Smite is no exception. The game’s designers sponsor world championships, whose prize fund adds up to several million dollars. You can wager on Smite events on our website and win real money for yourself.

Every match is an invitation to make real cash

Although Smite is a MOBA, it is markedly different from other games of that type, especially in gameplay. The rest are isometric, Smite is played in third-person view and features some unique skill mechanics. The main goal is familiar, though: destroy the opposing team's main building. Balance and hero map distribution are similar to League of Legends, there is even a special role – the forester.

The game’s unusual camera position for an already fairly well-established genre attracted attention more than ten years ago, when it appeared, and this attention the game has managed to keep. It is well-liked on the esports arena.