Rocket League Betting at LOOT.BET

Rocket League is an unsual hybrid of soccer simulator and arcade racing. The goal is the same as in all soccer – drive the ball into the other team's goal, but the players drive it in rocket vehicles. RL's matches are furious and lightning-quick, rarely lasting more than five minutes.

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Just as with traditional soccer, there are many tournaments for Rocket Leaue, the number one event being the Rocket League Championship Series held by the developer, Psyonix. We invite you to apply your knowledge of the teams’ strength and form and their match statistics to win real money.

Every game is a chance to earn a profit

Psyonix knew that play on the same map would quickly become too monotonous for esports, so they offered eight different maps, each with its own bonus spawning locations (power-ups for jumping, acceleration, stronger blow, vehicle destruction). You can start betting right now in good company: since the game's release in 2015 its audience has only grown thanks to regular updates.