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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a team tactical shooter released by Ubisoft in 2015. In its new esports incarnation the popular Rainbow Six became a well-liked competitive game in Western Europe and the U.S. The tactics are designed to make solo winning nearly impossible. All of the operatives need to work in synch to succeed.

Bet on Rainbow Six Siege and make real money

There are enough large tournaments for Rainbow Six Siege, including Six Major, Pro League (defunct but not to be forgotten) and Dreamhack. With our bookmaker's help you can turn a proft betting on them. Ubisoft supports its project with regular major level competitions hosted by the famous ESL.

Every map is your roadmap to cash!

The game’s two main playing modes are very familiar: teams of five special agents try to plant/disarm a bomb or rescue hostages. Siege lets the defenders put all kinds of fortifications, obstacles and traps in the way of the other team, which, for its part, gets to blast and blow its way to the goal. The “meta” component of the gameplay, which often leads esports players to change their tactics and habits, looms big here. A good grasp of the meta-gameplay may be a Rainbow Six Siege bettor’s ticket to the payout.

The map being played on often plays a decisive role in the teams’ encounter. An observer who knows the maps and the teams' strengths and weaknesses well can often predict the outcome. Even though the game tries its best to be balanced, some tournament maps favor the teams unequally, just like in CS: GO. 




Can I bet on Rainbow Six Siege at Lootbet?

Yes, we offer bets on Rainbow Six Siege matches, tournaments and on the outright winner

Is Real Money Betting on Rainbow 6 Legal?

It's legal in some countries and illegal in others. Real Money Rainbow 6 betting, legislation-wise, often falls into the other sports betting markets category, so many countries consider it legit. Just check your country’s gambling authorities and figure out

What are the best Rainbow 6 tournaments I can bet on?

The Six Invitational is the annual world championship, Six Major tournaments and the online regional leagues are the most important events to bet on

Can I bet on Rainbow Six from mobile?

Yes, wagering on R6 from mobile is also available for bettors at any time