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In 2017 the great and ancient progenitor of esports decided to reclaim its crown. Although it did not quite succeed in all respects, lovers of the wonderful first game met Quake’s return as Quake Champions with joy and nostalgia.

Up to now QuakeCon 2017 with a million-dollars prize fund has been the most lucrative tournament for this game. A number of old school players came back to Quake after a long leave of absence, but there were also droves of new gamers who had played the limited beta, got the basics and quickly shaped up.

The game wanted to be in step with the times, so it borrowed liberally from other games in the genre. Quake 3 Arena’s characters were all the same and equal, but Champions characters had special abilities and skills similar to those found in Overwatch, Paladins and Valorant (the last came out a little later). Still, Quake Champions kept the series’ distinct traits: weapons and mechanics related to them, breakneck speed, hallmark weird jumping style like nothing found in other games, in CS: GO, for instance, and, of course, spectacular action.

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There are different play modes in Quake Champions, from team vs. team to 1x1 duels. Professional players prefer this last format. The game is a fast-paced first person shooter where you select a champion with a set of skills and move around a vast, multi-level map picking up weapons, health kits, armor and level-ups (the last are spawned at certain intervals, which you need to know and take advantage of for your character or your team).

A solid knowledge of the map and game mechanics and the ability to hop in that Quake style lets players quickly move around the map and gives them a big edge over the competition. For those not familiar with this incredible game, it is time to go to YouTube and watch match highlights!