PUBG Betting at LOOT.BET

In 2017 several battle royale games vied for public attention, and PUBG came on top of everything in Steam’s history: three million simultaneous players at its peak! Such activity could not go unnoticed, and PUBG joined the ranks of betting sports. Considering how realistic the game tries to be, it is not surprising that strategy plays a central role here. Shooting in a shooter, even a battle royale kind, must be important, but what difference does it make if you and your squad have chosen a poor position?

Make bets on PUBG and earn real money!

Many large companies have their own PUBG teams now. On LOOT.BET you can wager real money on PUBG and earn more! You can both root for your favorite team and profit from its success. The game offers an original format, different from the usual team vs. team or 1x1. Nonetheless, it has a strong potential for esports and is played at many dedicated tournaments.

Every map is your chance to win real money!

Up to a hundred people can participate in a PUBG match. Starting from different points on the map (chosen by the players themselves, but points with good loot are almost always already taken, so one has to be clever), they fight to survive and kill off the others. You need to get the right loot, picking it up or getting it from dead bodies, depending on your style, and prepare for coming shootouts. The game zone will shrink to speed up the gameplay. The longer you play, the more damage you will take outside the limit. Proper placement and getting the tabs on the opposition are vital.

If you have a favorite team, now is the time to follow up on its success and your own as you win-earn-win-earn-win again! PUBG-PUBG-PUBG!




Can I bet on PUBG at

Yes, the betting company offers bets on PUBG. The availability of betting may vary throughout the year.

Is betting on PUBG legal?

To figure it out you should just check your country’s gambling authorities.

Can I bet on PUBG from my mobile?

Sure, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds betting from mobile is also available for bettors. There's a convenient mobile app, which it is easy to place bets with.

What is the best bet in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds?

The moneyline is the most popular wager in PUBG betting but totals and live bets are also popular.