Betting on Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) on LOOT.BET

Pro Evolution Soccer is one of the most popular soccer simulators in the world. It is made (every year a new version is released) by the Japanese Konami. PES’ basic concept does not change, the developers only update player information and slightly tune the visuals. All the same, PES continues to attract thousands of gamers from around the planet with its unique ability to recreate the atmosphere of a real soccer arena (though FIFA has an army of fans also).

Make real money on Pro Evolution Soccer

When betting on real soccer, one needs to know about players and team results. With PES even complete strangers to this ball thing can place a bet. PES tournaments are not the Premier League or the Champions League, things work completely differently here. Fulham may easily beat Liverpool in PES, everything depends on who is pushing the buttons on the computers. Our website offers betting on Pro Evolution Soccer’s tournaments, a chance to test both your intuition and your knowledge of cybersports.

Every match a chance to turn a profit!

International competitions in Pro Evolution Soccer are rare. Most games are held at home, in Japan. These matches’ prize funds rarely even reach a million dollars, which is unusual for cybersports. But the game is absorbing to watch: virtual players are as much fun to observe as the real deal, more if you have money staked on them. Few betting sites support Pro Evolution Soccer, but we often list current tournaments for the game. What do people usually wager on? The usual – outcome (P1, X, P2). However, if the rules of a match forbid a tie, bets are also accepted for overtime and kicks from the penalty line.