Overwatch Betting at LOOT.BET

Overwatch is a multiplayer combination of first person shooter and MOBA. The red and blue teams, six players strong each, comprise characters with particular roles and unique abilities. The classes are familiar to any videogame fan: ranged attacker, tank, support and defender.

Turn a real profit betting on Overwatch

This game appeared when betting on esports was new and immensely popular and tore some ground from under other top shooters like CS: GO and Call of Duty. From the first tournament with a 100,000 dollar prize in 2016 the game became a lucrative vehicle for skilled betters and a way to earn real money.

Every game is your chance to earn money

Overwatch continues to develop as a game and as a esport, adopting older games’ mechanics but wrapping them in a unique visual style. Blizzard with a firm hand improves its looks and balance. The developers not only maintain the game, they are working on a sequel, so you should begin to learn teams’ strengths and weaknesses now: Blizzard has assured fans that Overwatch will be around for a long time to come.