Betting on cyber hockey on LOOT.BET

Virtual versions of physical sports want to keep up with cybersports, which is why FIFA is not the only kind of online sports simulator out there. NHL is its hockey counterpart. Cyber soccer has been a bettable sport for some time, but now hockey, tennis and basketball are joining the fray.

Earn real money betting on NHL

Your key to a successful, money-making prediction is good knowledge of the game as such and past matches. Bring real money to our website, and we will place the bets as you like. After all, betting has always been a part and parcel of real and virtual competitions.

Cyber hockey is a young sport, but quickly gaining popularity. It is an opportunity for you to wager at something new. Every league match is a chance, add your analytical skill and turn a profit! NHL stands out among American leagues with its unpredictability. Unpredictable is real sport's middle name, and this aspect also makes itself felt in the virtual version. It is rather difficult to program a team’s form or mood, and if such aspects counted, betting on matches would be completely random. They are, therefore, discounted, still, a virtual sensation is possible any moment!

Many people are sceptical about virtual sports. The outcomes seem largely random. None the less, analysis can always suggest some regularities or traits which you can take advantage of to make real money!