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This is another very widely played handheld device MOBA, on the level of King of Glory, published in 2016, when games of that genre stormed the market. Asia again proved to be the forerunner of innovation, and that was the region that gave this game its huge player base and high numbers of simultaneous players.

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Mobile Legends is a MOBA for hand-held devices. The formula is unmistakable: two teams try to wipe each other out and smash the big McGuffin. There are three lines, heroes and creeps (called minions here), six classes: tank, fighter, shooter, assassin, mage and support. This may all sound a lot like Dota, but Mobile Legends does have quite a few distinct features. What matters for betting the most is that matches are short. A betting series can be closed in an hour, which is highly convenient. The abilities are straightforward, and newcomers to the game can learn what they do without much effort and begin to understand the game soon enough. 
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