King of Glory Betting at LOOT.BET

King of Glory is one of the most popular smartphone games. It hails from Asia, has its biggest player base there but has become a worldwide esports. More than 200 million people play it every month, the top tournaments hand out 200,000 to one million dollars in prize money. The first places are worth up to 500,000, a record for handheld device gaming. The Chinese are again ahead of the game – literally.

Make real money betting on King of Glory

LOOT.BET accepts wagers on this esports alongside other MOBA: Dota 2, League of Legends et cetera. As in any other esports, it pays to be good at analyzing the line-up.

Every match is your opportunity to earn a profit!

King of Glory plays a lot like other MOBA, especially League of Legends. The game keeps getting updated and rebalanced, which results in a certain level of metagaming – fashions on play styles and champions come and go. The game has a charm of its own and is a good opportunity to make some money betting. More than in other esports, outcomes here depend on teams' form, which means that even the underdogs can sometimes put the squeeze on the top teams. Analyze previous tournaments and teams who have played there. This will let you take advantage of our nice odds!