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Heroes of the Storm is another MOBA game. Like League of Legends and Dota 2, it attracts crowds of players from all around the world, competing for the champion title. HotS is made by Blizzard and stands out with numerous characters from that company’s universes: Starcraft, Overwatch, Diablo and, of course, Warcraft. A multiplayer map from the latter has given the game its original name – Blizzard DotA.

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As with other MOBA, tournament organizers and bookmakers swarm around Heroes of the Storm. On LOOT.BET you can earn real money from watching and wagering on your favorite teams in such tournaments as the World Championship, the Global Championship and others.

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If you are familiar with Dota and League of Legends, this game’s mechanics and goals will not surprise you: two teams of five players and no purpose but to destroy the enemy’s “citadel,” an equivalent of Dota’s “throne” and LoL’s “nexus.” Various defensive structures help make this more difficult.

Heroes of the Storm’s main source of appeal when it was released lay in its extensive use of crossovers. Heroes from different universes meet on the battlefield, playing roles typically corresponding to the source material: tank, support, healer and ranged attacker.