Online betting on Halo matches 

The popularity of the esports shooter Halo is growing more and more every year. Regular tournaments and series are already held in the USA, Europe and Oceania, including world championships with prize funds in the amount of millions. Major international bookmakers have included this discipline in their portfolios and eagerly accept bets on Halo matches.

The choice of betting by bookmakers is not huge yet – these are mainly the outcomes of fights and long-term bets on the winner of the tournament. However, with the growing interest of bettors in Halo, we can safely assume that the primary markets for matches (winner, total) will soon be added to the painting with many secondary options (handicaps, winners of individual rounds, individual total).

Earn real money on Halo

So, Halo is a spectacular FPS shooter based on the sci–fi series about the intergalactic war between humanity and the alien civilization Covenant. The authors of the game series are various divisions of Microsoft Studios. The developers managed to create a completely competitive product that is not inferior in entertainment and thoughtfulness of the gameplay to other popular esports entertainment.

Over the past few years, a huge community of professional gamers and Halo fans has grown in number of participants. The game has become overgrown with regional and international tournaments and attracted the attention of bookmakers. Fans finally got a chance to monetize their own experience and knowledge by betting on Halo.

Earning real money on this game is quite an achievable task. Since 2016, many different competitions have been held in the world: World Championships, Championship Series (USA, Mexico, Europe, Oceania), majors, Pro Series. The next Halo World Championship 2022 will be held in Seattle (USA) in October this year.

Every Halo match is your chance to earn money! 

Finding a bookmaker that accepts bets on Halo online has now become much easier. A good selection of betting options are offered by, Betway and other bookmakers specializing in esports.

In the current version of the game, there are 5 types of fights:

  • Assault (delivery of a bomb to an enemy base);
  • Breakout (up to 5 wins in rounds with elimination of players in each round);
  • Team Slayer (traditional "mortal Kombat");
  • Capture the Flag (capture someone else's and protect your flag);
  • Strongholds (capture marked points on the map).

Each of these types of fights is held in a 4 by 4 format and is well suited for betting.

The main and most popular Halo bets are determining the winner of the match and the champion of the entire tournament. Both options give bettors an excellent opportunity to apply their accumulated knowledge about the game. The main thing is to find a reliable bookmaker with the best odds for esports matches for maximum return on winnings