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Dota Underlords emerged from a user mode, Auto Chess, for Dota and started a whole genre – Auto Battler. Inside the MOBA this regime was curated by Drodo Studio. When the company noticed how popular the mod had become, up to eight million users, they decided to branch off from Dota and make their own game.

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From the moment the mod first appeared it had a rating system, and where there is a rating system, there is often competition for the best player, and where there is enough competition, someone will set up a tournament to hand out packfuls of green. But tournaments usually have limits on participation, and our bookmaker serves as the middlemen. We will help you turn a profit.

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Dota Underlords is played on a chess field with Dota 2 instead of pieces. Up to eight players can participate in a match. Unlike the chess’ original map, gameplay here is fairly meditative and slow, reaction speed and skill knowledge take a back seat. Autochess has undergone extensive redevelopment: it went from handmade hobby for friends to massive esports. There are frequent rebalancing patches and updates that keep players interested.

Valve does not leave room for unbalancing tactics. The company keeps changing the list of playable characters and leaves enough space for imagination and improvisation in their combinations, however.