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Dota 2 was the latest in a series of games, and it remains on the peak of popularity. Its fortunes have gone up and down, but since Dota Allstars it has settled on the top of every esports list, and its cash prizes are bigger than anything else in the industry.

Dota 2 is a complex, visually impressive and absorbing MOBA, which has its origins in a custom map for Blizzard’s Warcraft 3 and in the hands of Valve became one of the most popular esports. The first Dota championship, the International, amazed the world with its incredible million-dollars prize fund in the distant 2011. Now the International gives away more than 30 million, and the fund swells every year. In 2019 OG team, a two-times world champion, walked away with $15,604,335. CS: GO also offers hefty prizes to major matches' winners, but nothing yet on this scale.

Make real money on Dota 2

Esports, like classic sports, are inseparable from betting. Competitive games have always tended to acquire a large fan base. Rooting for one’s favorite team can be profitable as well. We accept bets on important Dota 2 events and pay out real money.

Every game is your chance to earn

Dota’s style and spectacular gameplay are as strong as ever. It is one of the most complex MOBA games, which has taken on new fans, produced rebalancing updates and content additions since its inception. Deceptively simple (destroy enemy base), it is complicated by a variety of character types and items whose combinations make it possible to surprise opponents again and again. With a complicated macrogame and constant cat-and-mouse, it features a large number of NPC with their own jobs that influence the gameplay as a whole.

Experience is paramount here. Some equipment works very differently in practice than in theory, and lots of macro- and microgame nuances take hours years to master. Dota 2 is a large-and-in-charge game of chess that has gone a long way from its beginnings in the 2003 Dota Allstars.