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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been the top esports for more than a decade. Global Offensive is the ultimate development of the legendary CS 1.6, the good old Counter-Strike. The game needed modernizing without damage to its dynamic and spectacular gameplay. Matches of top players of CS: GO now attract huge crowds of spectators and cybersports fans, millions more watch webcasts. Since 2016 prizes have gone over 1 million dollars – still not on the Dota 2 level, but big money nonetheless!

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The basic rules of CS have stayed practically unchanged for nearly 20 years: the terrorists and the counter-terrorists are still at it. The former try to hold down “plants” (bomb planting sites) and prevent the latter from planting bombs or defuse them. CS players are traditionally-minded, and all of the famous maps of yore are still being played.

The maps, familiar from 1.6, have many special features and corners that clever players can exploit for different tactics and strategies. Grenades do a great job at confusing the enemy or, thrown at once, permit players to rush plants. The game is as fast and flashy as it has ever been. Compared to, say, Dota 2, CS: GO offers many more tactical opportunities, and skill, not just planning, plays a major role. You all probably have a few spectacular kills imprinted on your memory and the back of the head.